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Syrinlya is an Uthodurnian outpost on the island of Foren in Eiselcross.


Established by the academic and adventurer Gulrim Shalebrow, Syrinlya represents Uthodurn's interests in Eiselcross.[2] The adventurers and mercenaries who live there reside in yurts. The outpost is primarily used for launching expeditions into the ruins of Aeor.[1]

Points of Interest

The Buyer's Hut is the largest yurt, and houses the de facto leader of the outpost, a nonbinary elf who goes by the epithet 'The Buyer'. In their hut the Buyer keeps a stone chest that is capable of magically transporting the relics found on the various expeditions back to Uthodurn or to its other outpost, Palebank Village.[1]


While Professor Shalebrow is the official leader, he prefers to spend most of his time exploring, and The Buyer is similarly hands-off in their approach, so the small community tends to live by a code of honor and an understanding that they must work together to survive the environment. For the most part, despite the lack of formal laws, Syrinlya is peaceful.[1]


As an outpost of Uthodurn the population reflects the makeup of that city. As of 835 PD there are 182 residents, 72% of whom are dwarves, 24% of whom are elves, and 4% who are neither.

Notable People

  • Professor Gulrim Shalebrow: Lawful good dwarven explorer, founder, and appointed leader of the outpost.[2]
  • The Buyer: Real name Elloway Tenvidas, lawful neutral elven mage and de facto leader while Shalebrow is away.[1]
  • Morgo Delwur: Neutral good dwarf werebear and self-appointed keeper of order.[1]


Syrinlya was the first outpost to be founded in Eiselcross from one of the mainland political interests, initially as a fishing village. Eiselcross's reputation as a source of strange relics within the past 50 years began with the items found by Shalebrow and his colleagues.[4] It was this that led the Dwendalian Empire to establish Balenpost not long after.[5]


Dagen Underthorn claimed the worst group he'd ever led was a loud, constantly-singing group of dwarves from Syrinlya, who all perished in an ambush.[6]


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