Syngorn was an elven city within the realm of Tal'Dorei. Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia's father, Syldor Vessar, was an ambassador for the city.

History Edit


Syngorn was located between the Verdant Expanse and the Stormcrest Mountains.

Wardens of syngorn

Crest of the Wardens of Syngorn.

Syngorn was originally founded after The Calamity by a group of elves led by Yenlara.[2]

Pre-Stream Edit

Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan went to live with their father when they were ten years old, and although they spent several years there, they didn't feel accepted and eventually left.[3]

Recent Events Edit

Following the attack of the Chroma Conclave at the beginning of Chapter 4, Keyleth performed a scrying ritual to check on Syngorn. She discovered a giant hole in the ground where Syngorn once stood. The members of Vox Machina believed that Syngorn had phased into the Feywild as a defensive response until the danger posed by the dragons had passed.[4]

Demographics Edit

Syngorn was a large city with a population of 37,030. It was one of the most homogeneous cities in Tal'Dorei, with the vast majority of citizens being elves (91%). The rest of the population was made up of humans (5%), halflings (2%), and other races (2%).[1]

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