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Sydnock Truscan is a human male. As an NPC, Sydnock Truscan is played by Matthew Mercer.



Of similar age to King Dwendal, he stands tall and thin in immaculately tailored garments of silver silks, jeweled epaulets, and billowing sleeves. He has pale skin and very tightly trimmed hair on top of a clean-shaven, if intense and judging, long face.[3]


"A brutal man with a grudge against religious empowerment, Sydnock is constantly attempting to sniff out corruption within the approved structure of worship within the Empire."[2]



Sydnock Truscan is the leader of the noble Truscan family, which oversees much of the Truscan Vale located in the far western area of the Dwendalian Empire, including Deastok and Kamordah.[4] He oversees all major matters of law in Rexxentrum under the king's authority.[5]

"Punishment and Politics" (2x87)[]

Sydnock Truscan was present at the initial audience of the Mighty Nein before King Dwendal.


Sydnock unsuccessfully attempted to marry his daughter Lydia Truscan to Taryon Darrington,[6] an agreement that would have solved the Darringtons' economic problems and would have ensured their loyalty to the Truscan family.[7] By the time of the Second Campaign, he was estranged from her completely.[2]

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