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Sybil is a gnomish woman who had an intimate relationship with Scanlan, resulting in her giving birth to their daughter Kaylie.[1]


Sybil had golden hair.[2]



Sybil met Scanlan when he traveled through her rural town just south of the Silvercut Crossroads, north of Kymal. Kaylie learned from her mother about Scanlan's prodigious musical talent and that he had blown through town and taken Sybil's innocence with a promise. (When confronted by Kaylie years later, Scanlan vaguely remembered Sybil as being very eager to escape her simple beginnings, and that she quickly became very clingy.) After Scanlan suddenly disappeared, Sybil was left to raise Kaylie on a quilter's income; she took a third job to get through bad harvests, and being the only gnomes in the area meant they were preyed upon.[3]

"The Chapter Closes" (1x115)[]

After Scanlan helped defeat Vecna, the bard anonymously sent Sybil his sapphires worth 2,500 gold and his platinum bracelets to make sure she was well taken care of.[4]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • In an outburst when Scanlan claimed that Vox Machina didn't care about him, he challenged them to name his mother, whose death was the most formative event of his life.[5] But when Scanlan was later challenged to name Kaylie's mother, he had no reply.[6]


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