The Sword of Fathoms was the name of the falchion Fjord was gifted by his patron Uk'otoa.

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The Sword of Fathoms was a one-handed falchion. Its most remarkable feature was that some areas of the weapon were covered in sea weed and mollusks. Moreover, whenever the sword was summoned, a small jet of sea water was shot from the user's hand, and the blade continued producing sea water for as long as it was summoned.

Another feature of the Sword of Fathoms was that its form changed based on the number of Cloven Crystals that its user had absorbed (one yellow glowing eye appeared on the blade per crystal consumed by its wielder).[3]

Due to the sword's capabilities of absorbing other weapons, the Sword of Fathoms combined these previously mentioned physical features with the ones of the absorbed weapon.[4]

Fjord's falchion's evolution

Fan art of the evolution of the Sword of Fathoms, by Inkarat.[art 2]

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Avantika revealed that the blade belonged to Vandran prior to Fjord, and that it was he who named it the Sword of Fathoms.[2]

After Uk'otoa punished Fjord for not putting the remaining cloven crystal in the last temple, Fjord abandoned his pact and destroyed the sword by throwing it into a pool of lava in the Kiln under Kravaraad.[1] While he believed that the Cloven Crystal remaining in the sword was thereby destroyed, it now appears that that might not be the case. In "Dark Waters" (2x98), the Mighty Nein's ship was attacked en route to the peace negotiations between the Empire and Dynasty by several deep scions carrying duplicates of the Sword of Fathoms (though without a crystal). Fjord was killed and the scions appeared to be stabbing and digging at his chest and attempted to carry off his body. Fjord now believes that the crystal was not within the sword, but remains in his chest.[5]

Shackles - BlackSalander

Fan art of Breaking the Shackles, by BlackSalander.[art 3]

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Though not magical itself, the Sword of Fathoms could absorb other magical weapons and take their properties, as well as some of their physical features. It could absorb as many weapons as the wielder desired, but upon absorbing new properties, the old ones were lost, taken by Uk'otoa.[6]

Fjord used it to absorb two blades:

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