Sword of Fathoms by BlackSalander

Fan art of Sword of Fathoms, by BlackSalander.[art 1]

The Sword of Fathoms is the name of the sword Fjord was gifted by his patron Uk'otoa.

Properties Edit

Though not magical itself it can absorb other magical weapons and take their properties and some aspects of their appearance. It can absorb as many weapons as the wielder wants, but upon absorbing new properties old ones are lost, taken by Uk'otoa.[1] Fjord has used it to absorb two blades, the Waste Hunter Blade and Summer's Dance. In its current form it is a +1 weapon with an ability to cast Misty Step once per short rest.

History Edit

Avantika revealed that the blade belonged to Vandran prior to Fjord and it was he who named it the Sword of Fathoms.[2] The sword was destroyed when Fjord threw it into a pool of lava in the Kiln under Kravaraad.[3]

References Edit

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