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Swavain Islands - Deven Rue

Official map of the Swavain Islands, by Deven Rue from Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.[art 1]

The Swavain Islands is the name of an archipelago located to the south-west of Wildemount, off the shores of the Menagerie Coast and north of The Shattered Teeth.[1]


The indigenous people on this series of islands were called the Ki'Nau and are thought to have been granted the blessing of Uk'otoa at some point in the ancient past.[2] There are three abandoned temples of Uk'otoa across the region.[3]

Most of these islands are managed politically under the leadership of the Clovis Concord, with the exception of the separatist Darktow Isle, which is run by the pirate union called The Revelry, under the leadership of The Plank King. Darktow was the home port of Captain Avantika.[4]


Diver's Grave[]

Main article: Diver's Grave

The location is known for its rough waters, and unusual frequency of fierce storms.[5] The sea bed is a valley that is littered with numerous shipwrecks.[6]

Notable islands[]

Bisaft Isle[]

Main article: Bisaft Isle

On Bisaft Isle are some remaining signs of the Ki'Nau people that were indigenous to these islands prior to becoming part of the Clovis Concord.[9]

Darktow Isle[]

Main article: Darktow Isle

Darktow Isle is an island that was originally part of the Clovis Concord, but is currently under control of the Revelry, a pirate union of sorts run by the Plank King.[10]

Gravid Archipelago[]

Main article: Gravid Archipelago

The Gravid Archipelago is a group of three rocky islands marked with only small pockets of trees and jungle,[11] in the Lucidian Ocean, lying roughly between Brokenbank and Bisaft Isle.


Main article: Rumblecusp

Rumblecusp is a volcanic island in the Lucidian Ocean.[12] It was the location of Traveler Con, the gathering of worshipers of the Traveler.


Main article: Urukayxl

The island is inhabited by lizardfolk and yuan-ti that regularly fight each other for its control. The Temple of the False Serpent that contained one of the seals of Uk'otoa was located on this island.[13]

Notable reefs[]

  • Torrid Reef:[7]Out of the ocean, beside the reef, rises an endless column of smoke from the Everplume[7] volcano beneath.[14]
  • Dragshallow Reef:[7] shallow reefs that surround Darktow Isle with a tangled graveyard of destroyed ships and gathered driftwood marking the shallow spots across this jagged cluster of reef.[15]
  • Southern Gate Reef[7]
  • Mother's Sigh Reef[7]
  • Deep Row: has a number of small islands all throughout the reef that aren't on larger maps.[16]

Inkclaw Reef[]

Inkclaw Reef is the reef between Rumblecusp and Urukayxl.[7] The reef is about 20 feet, 15 feet, ten feet below sea level, some of them barely breaching the surface. They are colorful reefs that are full of vibrant life, all manner of sea creatures and fish, and jutting pieces of stone and broken wood. There are multiple remnants of ships scattered across the reef that have been overgrown.[17]


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  1. Official map of the Swavain Islands, by Deven Rue from Explorer's Guide to Wildemount. This page contains unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Wizards of the Coast Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.