Suvo's Secrets is a tent-shop in the Pentamarket district of Zadash. It is owned and operated by Suvo.



The exterior of the tent looks unwelcoming. It is made out of very drab, coarse material and the ropes that are used to keep the tent up are rotten.[1]


The interior space of the tent is only twenty square feet with tables set up at the far ends. All the tables are empty and Suvo keeps her goods in a sack.[2]

Known StockEdit

Some of the items that were available for sales and trade included:

  • 12 diamonds
  • Greater healing potion: 250gp
  • Mummified owlbear hand: 25gp
  • Batch of garlic: 2gp (Purchased by Caduceus for 1gp)
  • Iron mask with tusks: 5gp (Purchased by Jester)
  • Half of a chess set carved out of jade


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