Suude is an illegal substance sold in Tal'Dorei. It is refined from either arcane residuum or azuremite,[3] and causes a head rush and enhances senses and magic.[4]

Properties[edit | edit source]

When suude is smoked, the user must make a constitution saving throw (DC 10) or be knocked unconscious for 2d4 rounds.[2][5] Upon a successful save, the user gains one sorcery point and access to a metamagic option for one hour; more sorcery points can be gained by smoking more suude, but doing so increases the risk of an overdose, as the DC increases by three for each additional dose.[2][6][7]

The exact Metamagic granted is based on the color of the suude:[2][8]

  • Brown suude: Extended Spell[9]
  • Blue suude: Twinned Spell
  • Red suude: Distant Spell

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Suude was first refined during the Age of Arcanum to enhance very long ritual casting, but it gradually spread to less reputable elements.[10]

Explorers of the Crystalfen Caverns discovered veins of blue crystal called azuremite, which formed due to thousands of years of exposure to psychic energies from the aberrations that lived there before the Divergence. When the crystal is mined and refined, it can also produce suude.[11] Near Yug'Voril there are veins of blue crystal matching the description of azuremite, but Vox Machina couldn't identify it at the time.[12]

The Campaign of Vox Machina[edit | edit source]

Scanlan told Jarett Howarth about how Vox Machina had met and allied with J'mon Sa Ord, and offered to get Jarett pardoned for an unspecified crime he had committed back in Ank'Harel. In exchange, he asked Jarett to get him some drugs. Jarett protested that he didn't deal with that kind of thing, but told Scanlan he could get some suude in the Turst Fields south of the Alabaster Sierras. Jarett offered to send a courier to get it, but warned Scanlan that the substance was highly illegal. However, Jarett did point out that the prison he'd normally be locked in was out of use due to the Chroma Conclave's attack on Emon, so now would be the best time to buy some. It took a bit more convincing from Scanlan, but eventually Jarett promised to get him some suude.[13] 

When Scanlan continued to press Jarett to acquire suude for him, Jarett warned that he had seen the drug ruin lives near K’Tawl Swamp,[14] but he eventually supplied Scanlan with brown suude.[15] A short time later, Scanlan overdosed on the drug and briefly knocked himself unconscious, causing confusion and panic in the party.[16]

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[edit | edit source]

The Mighty Nein looted the Overcrow Apothecary and found a bag[17] that Beauregard identified as suude, ground whitestone, worth 1,000 gold; this discovery led Taliesin to conclude that the store was a front rather than a bona fide business.[18]

While exploring the ruins of Aeor in pursuit of Lucien, the Nein encountered an abomination with a giant cherub face. Beau was swallowed by the creature, but deposited her entire stash of brown suude into its stomach, temporarily rendering it unconscious.[19]

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