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Princess Suria Dwendal, previously known as Suria Saugiss, is a noblewoman of the Dwendalian Empire, and the wife of the prince heir, Eidys Dwendal, as of 835 PD.[1]




Suria is a woman who gives great importance to her reputation and the status of her family. She is determined, willing to resort to whatever it takes to accomplish her goals.[1]


Suria was born in the noble House Saugiss. When she reached an appropriate age she married prince Eidys Dwendal, the son and heir of King Bertrand Dwendal and Queen Duvia. This marriage filled Suria with pride, since she was bringing honor to her own family.[1]

Over the years Suria and Eidys have shown problems conceiving children.[1] This fact deteriorated the relationship between the prince and his father, who was already grieving the death of Queen Duvia in 825 PD, and started obsessing with prolonging his life so as not to extinguish his dynasty.[2]

By 835 PD, being now out of favor with the king, and with a bitter husband less and less interested in politics and inheriting the throne, Suria feels the pressure over her shoulders, and refuses to give up, seeking solutions for the lack of fertility in her marriage, no matter how unnatural they might be.[1]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Her name comes from the Sanskrit sū́ra, meaning "sun". Her surname seems to be a variation of the Lithuanian term saugus, meaning "safe".
  • Princess Suria Dwendal was firstly revealed by Chris Perkins during a character creation segment in an interview with Matthew Mercer on "Dragon Talk" appearing on the official dnd twitch channel, now also available on YouTube.
  • According to a potential prophecy, Suria can be involved in a situation which determines the fate of the Empire.[3]



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