I've had many names through many lives, but the one I take now is Sunbreaker Olomon.
Sunbreaker Olomon introducing himself to the Mighty Nein [1]

Sunbreaker Olomon is a minotaur in the city of beasts, Asarius. As an NPC, Sunbreaker Olomon is played by Matthew Mercer.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Ulumon by Andrew Jensen

Fan art of Olomon, by Andrew Jensen.[art 2]

Olomon is a minotaur with jet black fur and large horns that are curved towards the front. He is over seven feet tall. He wears pristine, intricately carved silver armor and a dull grey cloak that falls past the shoulder mantle and drifts to the back of his knees. [2]

Personality Edit

Sunbreaker Olomon seems to be a rather serious and forthright individual, having an imposing presence wherever he goes, partially because of his physical attributes. He also seems to be a prideful individual, showing pride on both his possessions and his position in the Kryn Dinasty.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Sunbreaker Olomon has achieved "near-umavi ascension" [3], which indicates that Olomon has earned consecution several times across multiple lifetimes.

"Feral Business" (2x52) Edit

The Mighty Nein first saw Olomon walking pass them in Asarius, accompanied by two 5-men groups of Kryn soldiers. The party decided to follow the minotaur discretely.

After trailing behind him for some time, Olomon noticed the group of adventurers following him, and decided to approach them alongside 2 soldiers. He questioned them about their business, who did they serve, and where they were from. Caduceus Clay told him they were independent contractors on a mission. Olomon told them they should see Lady Zethris Olios if they were interested in work as sellswords.[4]

Relationships Edit

Nott Edit

Nott was immediately infatuated with the muscular minotaur, calling him "fucking hot". She even went so far as to ask him if there was a "Mrs. Sunbreaker", to which he responded that there was not.[5]

Character Information Edit

Abilities Edit

Unless otherwise noted, the following abilities are assumed from the standard Dungeons & Dragons materials:

Minotaur Abilities Edit

  • Darkvision
  • Powerful Build
  • Monstrous Reputation
  • Gore

Notable Items Edit

  • Hand-made silver armor[3]
  • Greatsword [6]

Quotations Edit

  • "You're definitely not from around here." (To the Mighty Nein in the streets of Asarius) [7]

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References Edit

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