The Sun Tree is a sacred tree that was created by Pelor at the intersection of powerful ley lines in Whitestone. Although it was almost killed by the unholy desecration of the Briarwoods, the Sun Tree was recovering by the time Vox Machina returned to Whitestone in "Duskmeadow" (1x57).

Keyleth sometimes uses druidic spells to converse with the Sun Tree. As an NPC, the Sun Tree is played by Matthew Mercer.[2]

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The Sun Tree sits in the center of Whitestone, in the town square. When Vox Machina first arrived in Whitestone, it was a large, leafless tree, about forty feet tall. The branches twisted out and hung loosely at the ends. Everything about the tree looked "droopy and desolate".[3]

Vox Machina was unable to identify the type of tree, though they were able to tell that it was created and transported through a type of divine magic.

After the Briarwoods were defeated, the Sun Tree began to recover and leaf out. By the time of "One Year Later..." (1x95), it had become a lush, beautiful tree with little white flowers at its crown that bloomed year-round.

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The Sun Tree speaks more or less exactly like a "stoned surfer dude."

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"The Sun Tree" (1x28) Edit

When Vox Machina first saw the Sun Tree, it was in poor health.[4] Eight bodies had been hung from its branches, and the group realized that each body was dressed and colored to look like one of them, as a message from the Briarwoods.[5]

When Keyleth attempted to communicate with the tree using Speak with Plants, she got no response as the Sun Tree was effectively dead at that point.[6] The druid then began casting Plant Growth over the next eight hours in an attempt to revive the Sun Tree, though she did not succeed.[7]

"Duskmeadow" (1x57) Edit


Screenshot of Matthew Mercer as the Sun Tree telling Keyleth that it's "A-okay!".[art 2]

"Trust" (1x70) Edit

"Deadly Echoes" (1x82) Edit

As Vox Machina was preparing to leave Whitestone to hunt down Raishan, they noticed that leaves had begun to sprout on the Sun Tree's branches for the first time since the defeat of the Briarwoods.

"One Year Later..." (1x95) Edit

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Keyleth Edit

When Vox Machina first encountered the tree, Keyleth tried casting Speak with Plants, but was unsuccessful as the tree was effectively dead.[3] Once the Briarwoods had been killed and the tree began to re-grow, Keyleth was able to use Commune with Nature to finally contact the tree.[8] Afterward, whenever Keyleth needed to Transport via Plants in or out of Whitestone, she would pass through the Sun Tree and frequently have a brief conversation along the way.
Keyleth:  It's been so long. You're looking so good. So healthy.
Sun Tree:  Thanks. I've been eating right.
Keyleth:  Yeah? Have you been working out?
Sun Tree:  As much as I can. You know, I'm a tree.
Keyleth and the Sun Tree[9]

Quotations Edit

  • "Sun Tree... A-Okay!"[2]
  • "Long way, Kiki"[2]

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