Fjord's falchion's evolution

Fan art of the evolution of Fjord's falchion, by Inkarat.[art 1]

Summer's Dance was a beautiful jewel-inlaid, curved golden scimitar[1] originally wielded by Mollymauk Tealeaf.[2] The Mighty Nein found the sword in The Gentleman's Safe House, during which Molly took the sword into his possession and used it until his death. The sword allows the wielder to cast Misty Step.

After Molly's death, Beau took the sword from his body.[3] After rescuing Fjord, Jester, and Yasha, Beau offered the sword to them. Fjord made Summer's Dance his pact weapon in honor of Molly. In Clay and Dust, Fjord destroyed Summer's Dance when he threw The Sword of Fathoms into a pool of lava in the Kiln under Kravaraad[4], severing his pact with Uk'otoa.

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