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Suda was a member of the Herd of Storms. As an NPC, Suda was played by Matthew Mercer.



Suda was a goliath a little younger than Grog with a heavy scar that went from the bottom of his chin down to his sternum.[6]




"Test of Pride" (1x51)[]

Suda encountered Grog Strongjaw posing as Stonejaw Strongjaw outside the gates of Westruun, but Suda saw through the ruse and attacked. Grog managed to grapple him and drag him toward the edge of the pit, kicking Suda into the 180-foot-deep chasm, where Suda subsequently lay without movement.[7]


Character Information[]


Fighter Abilities[]

Notable Items[]

Suda wielded two hand axes.[11]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Grog: (holding Suda at the edge of a deep pit) I will let you fly from here if you answer this question: Is Kevdak or Zanror in the city?
    Suda: You'll find out, won't you?
    Grog: (headbutting Suda to break his nose) You won't be there to watch my discovery. Are they in the city?
    Suda: Yeah, they're waiting for you.
    Grog: Good. I'll let you fly now. (kicks Suda into the pit)



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