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Stuvan Idrio (pronounced /ˈstuːˌvɑːn ˈɪdrioʊ/) is the half-elf proprietor of the Dreamscape Theater in Jrusar. As an NPC, Stuvan Idrio is played by Matthew Mercer.



Stuvan has long, angular face with a pencil moustache, and appears to be in his early 50s. He is dark-skinned, with amber-colored hair he wears slicked to one side, and is described as handsome. When Bells Hells first saw him, he wore a blue velvet tailcoat with leopard print lining and brown-and-green striped pants.[3]


Stuvan has a somewhat haughty and at times sarcastic demeanor, but seems to care about his employees. He has a very specific vision of what he wishes the theater to be, and works to maintain that appearance.[4]



"Behind the Curtain" (3x07)[]

Stuvan appeared after the show, an acrobatics performance by Kendra's Flying Lauders, was cut short after one of the performers was injured. He was persuaded to allow Fresh Cut Grass backstage to heal one of the performers, and after the party mentioned the disappearance he denied the story to the acrobatics troupe, but asked the party to meet him in his office.

In his office, he was somewhat suspicious of the party and their motives for investigating the disappearances at the theater, but admitted he was very frustrated with the Wardens' lack of progress on the mystery and anxious about the disappearances themselves. He gave the party the details of the people who had vanished over the past three weeks. He then asked them what they wanted in exchange for solving the case, and permitted them to search the grounds, under the observation of Ocampo.

After the party found the root cause to be a spitting mimic in the alley next to the theater, Stuvan admonished the wardens who appeared at the scene.

Appearances and mentions[]


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