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Commander Struther Felmont is the human commander of the Righteous Brand stationed at Fort Venture.



In 835 PD during the War of Ash and Light, Felmont was stationed at Fort Venture, an Imperial outpost within Brokenveil Marsh.

Unwelcome Spirits[]

When the Imperial Inquisitor at the fort Parson Pellinost conducted a tortuorus exorcism on his prisoner Bol'bara, the goblin became posessed by her patron, the shadow demon Trush. While posessed, she used her Zone of Calamity to cause Pellinost's guard to attack and kill him. She escaped and wreaked havoc across the fort, where Felmont was killed in the training yard.[1]


Felmont dislikes Parson Pellinost and prefers to stay in his tent while Pellinost conducts his "exorcisms".[1]

Character information[]

Notable items[]

  • Splint armor
  • Longsword
  • Shortsword
  • Heavy crossbow

Appearances and mentions[]


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