The Stormrider Boots are a pair of boots found by the Mighty Nein in Vokodo's lair which allow limited flight and can cause lightning damage.


Caleb's initial description after Identifying the boots was that they "can cause you to fly. They make you harder to hit, and they crackle with electricity when a hostile creature comes within range of you."[2] The flight lasts for one round[3] and can be at least ninety feet in distance.[4]


The Mighty Nein found the boots in Vokodo's treasure trove. Caleb identified and kept them.[5] They were used for the first time in the fight againt the undead Avantika and Uk'otoa's minions aboard the Midnight Hammer, when Caleb used them to fly ninety feet in a loop that caused two of the attacking enemy to suffer 9 points of lightning damage each, although they were able to attempt attacks of opportunity on him as well.[6]

Caleb also used them to fly while exploring the ruins of "A5" on Eiselcross.[7]



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