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The Staff of Withering is a spiraling wooden twisting staff. At its end is a grasping hand with the fingers clawed inward.[1]

The Staff can only be attuned to by a cleric, druid, or warlock. It functions as a normal magical quarterstaff. It also has three charges, regaining 1d3 each dawn. The wielder can choose to expend a charge in order to deal an extra 2d10 necrotic damage on a hit with the staff. In addition, if the target fails a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, it has disadvantage for one hour on any Strength or Constitution ability check or saving throw.[2]


The Mighty Nein acquired the staff from Tuss Waccoh in exchange for restoring the Icozrin Steelworks to full productivity by convincing the stone giants occupying it to go back to their home.[3]


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