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The Spire by Fire Inn is a tavern located in the Core Spire in Jrusar.

Building description[]


The tavern is housed in a building described as a makeshift stronghold, a "monstrous" six-stories built into the edge of the rock of the Core Spire. It features a number of balconies and torches burning at all hours that give off a warm, welcoming glow.[5]


The first floor holds a massive chandelier in its center and is filled with tables. Staircases wind up to the upper floors.[6]

The second floor holds areas where patrons who desire can find more distance and quiet, and contains more widely scattered tables and a calmer atmosphere than the lively and packed central floor.[7]


The clientele is described as a unique mix of people from the central Core Spire, featuring varied people ranging from wealthy patrons dressed in colorful silks and finery to "ragtag, rough-and-tumble folks" looking for a drink.[8]


"The Draw of Destiny" (3x01)[]

Ashton and Fresh Cut Grass went to the inn after Ashton woke up to get breakfast beer and ask for possible jobs. The bartender didn't have any in mind other than Fresh Cut Grass perhaps eating metal to entertain the clientele, but told Ashton to check back in a week.

Dorian was familiar with the Spire by Fire from his time in Jrusar, and lead his companions, Orym and Fearne, there for a meal after the three arrived in town via skyship. The animated furniture attack occurred just outside of the tavern, bringing the various groups that would make up Bells Hells together, and they all entered the tavern together after the attack to discuss what had happened. Bertrand told the group of Lord Eshteross and convinced them all to see Eshteross in the morning. After this conversation, Dorian attempted to play some music for a bit of coin, but a string on his lute broke. The party members who did not have a place to live in Jrusar stayed in the inn and left for Eshteross's the next morning.

"Growing Bonds and Teasing Threads" (3x06)[]

"Promise and Potential" (3x22)[]

"Reunited" (3x64)[]

Team Wildemount came to the Spire by Fire in search of the rest of Bells Hells after they were separated by the Apogee Solstice, where they ate breakfast and later rented a room so that everyone could catch up.

Exquisite Exandria: The Official Cookbook of Critical Role[]

Ishir, the owner, is said to have been adjusting the menu for the last decade (in a book apparently set between Brussendar and Sydenstar 843 PD), and to have struck on the idea of using leftover beer to braise brisket.[1]


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