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"Spark of Rebellion" (LVM1x06) is the sixth episode of the first season of The Legend of Vox Machina. Vox Machina finds Whitestone's holy leader, Keeper Yennen, who tells them of a growing rebellion. The team realizes that to defeat the Briarwoods they will need the help of rebel leader, Archibald Desnay. But first they must stage a daring prison break and confront the Briarwoods’ sadistic jailer, Kerrion Stonefell.

Plot summary[]

The Whitestone rebels, led by Archibald Desnay, plan their next move around a spy called "the Kestrel". They are interrupted by a zombie stone giant tearing into their hideout, killing or capturing most of them. Kerrion Stonefell comes to take Archie specifically, gloating over his capture.

At the Sun Tree, Keyleth hesitantly suggests they take down the corpses, but Percy tells her the tree is being watched and they should leave. As Vox Machina stand in the streets, a resident tells them to get out of the streets, and they hide in an alley as one of the giants approaches. The resident recognizes the de Rolo crest on Percy's coat and asks if he's part of the resistance. Vax'ildan says they are not, but they share a common enemy in the Briarwoods. Percy asks if Yennen is still alive.

Yennen preaches nonviolence and hope to her congregants, urging them to wait for a sign. Afterward, Percy, face hidden, asks Yennen if she believes the Dawnfather will send a sign. She recognizes Percy and is saddened by how he's changed. She brings Vox Machina to a rebel hideout.

There, Grog unhappily discovers that there is no ale because of how difficult the Briarwoods have made life in Whitestone. Percy accusingly asks Yennen why she preaches nonviolence while working with the resistance. Yennen believes a successful uprising requires a sufficiently strong and well-organized resistance, which is not possible without Archie. Percy is happily surprised that Archie, a childhood friend, leads the rebels. Meanwhile, Keyleth tries to communicate to the Sun Tree through its roots. Vox Machina decides to rescue Archie.

At the temple of the Everlight, Pike is again in the dark realm with light at the horizon, wandering and calling to her deity. Everything suddenly bursts into flame, and she snaps back to herself. Pike feels that she is cursed by Delilah Briarwood, but the head cleric tells her that this is not an external curse but something within Pike.

In Whitestone's prison, Stonefell mocks Archie and attempts to force him to name his allies. Archie is defiant, so Stonefell calls in Goran Vedmire to torture him.

Keyleth, Scanlan, and Grog pitch plans, but Vax'ildan dismisses them as terrible. Vex'ahlia emphasizes need for a simpler, more efficient plan, but they need to know where Archie is. Percy uses the sights from his newly built rifle to scout the prison. He watches Vedmire interrogate Archie about Vox Machina, and Vedmire knocks out Archie when he cannot answer. Vex'ahlia formulates the plan: half the team will break into the back door, and half will enter the front.

At the back, Vax'ildan picks a lock while Percy and Scanlan stand watch. Vex'ahlia distractingly flirts with the guards, allowing Grog to incapacitate them and Keyleth to grab the keys. Vax'ildan repeatedly fails to unlock the back door. Vex'ahlia gives into Keyleth's insistence that they free the other prisoners, including Bryn. Scanlan tries to help Vax'ildan but ends up injured while the door remains locked; Percy goes to find a window instead.

Vex'ahlia, Keyleth, and Grog discover that the rebels who should be keeping watch outside have entered the prison. The rebels admit they want a fight, and the group is discovered by guards. Scanlan fails to magically kick the back door down, and Percy falls out of the window. A guard opens the door to empty a chamber pot, which he throws onto Vax'ildan and Scanlan. Vax'ildan kills him, and they finally enter the prison to join the others.

The group discovers Archie badly wounded and release him. At they make to leave, Stonefell captures Scanlan. He orders Scanlan killed, but Scanlan escapes by distracting them with an illusion. Vox Machina and the rebels attack the guards. Vax'ildan instructs Percy to take Archie to safety. After Stonefell kills the rebel who brought Vox Machina to Yennen, Keyleth transforms into a big cat and attempts to attack him, but he escapes. Grog happily discovers full kegs of alcohol. Archie convinces Percy to let him clear an exit. Percy sees Stonefell, and Stonefell's name on the barrel of Percy's gun glows.

Percy goes after Stonefell, abandoning the others at the exit. Archie and Vax'ildan chase him. Percy dons his mask and approaches Stonefell. The dark smoke billows around him, and he identifies himself as "the vengeance for the de Rolos." Stonefell admits he killed the de Rolos for fun. Percy responds, "You were the one I was least looking forward to." He easily disarms and incapacitates Stonefell. When he removes his mask to allow Stonefell to recognize him, his eyes are completely black. Percy shoots him repeatedly, and as Stonefell dies, his name disappears from the gun.

Vax'ildan calls for Percy. Startled, Percy points his gun at him. Vax'ildan scolds him for risking the mission, but Percy angrily insists that, as the only surviving de Rolo, he must have vengeance at any cost. Archie tells him that his sister Cassandra still lives.

They regroup with the others at the exit. Using one of Grog's kegs of alcohol and a flaming arrow, Vex'ahlia sets the prison on fire. As they all leave, Percy is overjoyed that he has a sister.

In Whitestone Castle, Cassandra watches the building burn. Delilah and Byron Anders join Cassandra at the window. Delilah tells her that Percy's return does not change anything.



End credits list main cast, then guest cast in alphabetical order.


  • Written by - Mae Catt
  • Directed by - Stanley Von Medvey
  • Producer - Tony Salama
  • Co-Producers - Jennifer Muro, Eugene Son
  • Art Director - Arthur Loftis
  • Editor - Todd Raleigh
  • Storyboard artists - Whitney Amarantus, Jasmine Goggins, Morgan Hillebrand, Cassey Kuo, Gabe Lee, Sheldon Vella

Featured characters[]

Vox Machina[]





  • Grog: For the ale!
    Scanlan: "Scanlan the Revolutionary" has a nice ring to it. Ooh! I could get a beret![1]
  • Vax'ildan: It's not a door. It's a thing of evil.[2]
  • Stonefell: (to the masked Percy) What are you supposed to be, freak?
    Percy: I am vengeance for the de Rolos.
    Stonefell: (laughs) The de Rolos? Now that takes me back. Some folks you kill 'cause you're ordered to. Them, I killed 'cause I wanted to.
    Percy: Let me say, you were the one I was least looking forward to.[3]
  • Percival: I am the sole surviving de Rolo. I will have my vengeance, and no one will stand in my way![4]
  • Percival: (looking back at the burning prison) I have a sister.[5]


  • This episode marked the first appearance of a second gun built by Percy after The List, Bad News, and of Minxie, Keyleth's saber-toothed tiger form.
  • As a surprise for Matt, the design team intentionally designed a character model that looked like him to appear in each episode.[6] The character appears in the rebellion hideout as Archie is arrested.[7]


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