The Soltryce Academy, also known as simply "the Academy", is based in Rexxentrum. It is a place where magic can be studied. It is described as a fancy, rigorous place that is hard to get into,[1] but a wonderful place to go to school, with good teachers and bright people.[2] Fjord had an interest in going to the Academy.[1]

Recently, arcane experiments regarding time, gravity, and reality have been being fielded at the Academy. A newer magical energy seems to have been discovered, or rediscovered, that can seemingly adjust such properties. It is being referred to as Dunamis.[3]



This is the main campus for the Academy.[4] It is located in the Shimmer Ward of the city, with rising walkways and towers visible over the Shimmer Ward's yellow walls.[5] The massive, garden-like campus is well-crafted and well-kept with large marble halls and tall windows.[6]


Zadash has a subsidiary of the Academy, called the Hall of Erudition , located in the Tri-Spire District of the city. It has some connection to the Academy, but the main Academy is located in the Dwendalian capital of Rexxentrum.[7]


The Soltryce Academy, and by proxy the Hall of Erudition, train a number of war mages, some of which were stationed in Bladegarden and on the front lines against the forces of Xhorhas.[8]


Although there is mutual respect and appreciation for the work that each organization does, the Soltryce Academy has an uneasy and mistrusting working relationship with The Cobalt Soul.[9]


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