The Soltryce Academy, also known as simply "the Academy", is based in Rexxentrum. It is a place where magic can be studied. It is described as a fancy, though rough, place that is hard to get into unless you are rich. Fjord has an interest in going to the Academy.

Locations Edit

Rexxentrum Edit

This is the main campus for the Academy.

Zadash Edit

Zadash has a subsidiary of the Academy, called the Hall of Erudition , located in the Tri-Spire District of the city. It has some connection to the Academy, but the main Academy is located in the Dwendalian capital of Rexxentrum.


The Soltryce Academy, and by proxy the Hall of Erudition, trained a number of war mages, some of which were stationed on Bladegarden and on the front lines against the forces of Xhorhas.[1]


Although there was mutual respect and appreciation for the work that each organization did, the Soltryce Academy had an uneasy and mistrusting working relationship with The Cobalt Soul.[2]

References Edit

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