Solon is a member of the Revelry on Darktow and is an adviser to the Plank King, Wyatt Maranoss.

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Solon is a human man in his late fifties or early sixties. He has a bit of an unkempt puff of a chin goatee and a tattered, thin mustache that's attempted to be curled into a handlebar, but has split in places. His hair thinning in a widow's peak from gray to white. He wears big spectacles around his eyes and a big green cloak wrapped around his shoulders that is so much material and billowing so widely, it makes his head comparatively look much smaller.[1]

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Solon is excitable and is giddy at the thought of an intellectual challenge. He seems desensitized to violence, seemingly unperturbed by the extreme brutality he witnessed at the Throne Roost. The Plank King referred to him as his "bookish friend."[2]

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