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A smuggler is an individual who deals in the secret exchange and transportation of goods, especially contraband. The act itself is called smuggling.[3]



The thieves' guild The Clasp dealt heavily in smuggling, including that of drugs, across Tal'Dorei.[3] In the Clasp, the Spireling in charge of smuggling goods, in addition to thieving and black market dealings, was known as the Spireling of Shadows. One such Spireling was Zilloa.[2]

At some point, a guild in Stilben known as the Relic Seekers partnered with the Clasp to smuggle a hoard of stolen Syngornian artifacts through the K’Tawl Swamp to the port of Stilben. The Clasp's smugglers were last reported seen paying off a bridge guard, but seemed to disappear after.[3]


Smugglers in Wildemount took advantage of lax law enforcement during times of war.[6] The Myriad, which employed smugglers, originated from a shipping company that turned to smuggling contraband to make ends meet.[4] Two known smuggling routes used by the Myriad include the rivers that connect to the Erdeloch[7] and the Myriad's push of contraband from the Clovis Concord through Trostenwald up north to Zadash and Rexxentrum.[8] The Myriad also employs smugglers to sneak exotic foods such as Imperial pickled plums across Wildemount.[9] Golden Grin member Sir Linus Denwallop was originally such a smuggler and a thief for the Myriad.[1]

Another organization that employs smugglers is the Revelry, a pirate group active along the Menagerie Coast. Across the Coast, smugglers frequent Bwualli, where smugglers and pirates hide their treasures, and Copia Lake, where smugglers poach sacred fish native to the lake for extra coin.[10] Abandoned smugglers' dens lay in the Quoraska Jungle from folks who are unprepared for the savagery of the jungle.[11]

Portcaller Mazin Fahreed of Brokenbank often encountered smugglers and pirates in his town.[4]

Smugglers once formed the crew of a ship that was wrecked along the Barren Shores.[5]

Few beyond smugglers and hunters find a reason to climb deep into the Dunrock Mountains.[12]

Corrupt guards in Nogvurot turned a blind eye to smuggling to and from Shadycreek Run and other criminal hotspots located in the Greying Wildlands. Along this route, the town of Odessloe acted as a hub for transactions and storage.[7]


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