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In my tribe, we have a matriarch of the tribe, the Champion, and her name is the Skyspear.
Yasha, explaining her past.[2]

Skyspear is the title borne by the matriarchal champion who rules the Dolorav tribe of the Iothia Moorland area of southern Xhorhas.[2]


The Dolorav clan is a large, matriarchal warrior tribe who wander the Iothia Moorlands. The Skyspear is chosen from among their members through "feats of strength and mental acuity."[3] She has the responsibility of choosing the mate of each member of the clan. The penalty for disobeying this directive is death.[4][5]

The ruling Skyspear wears distinctive attire of hides and spiked armor.[6]

Known Skyspears[]

Name Type Description
Jadek NPC Skyspear circa 836 PD[6]
Unidentified Skyspear NPC Skyspear who in 834 PD sentenced Yasha and Zuala to death.[7]





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