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A skysail is a magical glider used by the Air Ashari of Zephrah, usually to travel through the Summit Peaks. It allows an attuned wielder to cast Levitate and Fly, and it can be used as a quarterstaff when folded.


A skysail is a glider made of bat-like wings attached to a pole. When opened, it resembles a pogo stick in the way that the staff is grasped at the top and one's feet are placed on a rung. The wings fold up into the pole, which can be used as a quarterstaff and a weapon. It is either made of bone and leather or of wood and cloth.[2][1][3]

While the wings are opened and an attuned wielder is standing on the rung, they can cast Levitate at will. They can also cast Fly once per day, lasting for up to one minute without concentration. Fly can be cast more than once if the wielder and the skysail are immersed in air elemental magic, like that found near the Rift of Air in Zephrah or within the Elemental Plane of Air.[1][3]

According to Ulli, an instructor from Zephrah, two Medium-sized people and one Small-sized third person can be mounted on a single skysail.[4]


Leaders and warriors of the Air Ashari use skysails to ride the perpetual winds around Zephrah and navigate the dangerous Summit Peaks. Skydancers are the most skilled skysailors of Zephrah, having perfected their skills as warriors, artists, and performers. The people of Zephrah see skydancers as heroes, both for defending against threats and for bringing joy.[3]

Nervous about intruders, Korrin quickly approached the unexpectedly visiting Keyleth, Vax'ildan, and Allura Vysoren using a skysail.[2] After a brief discussion about preparations for battle, he left on the skysail to speak with others in the Air Ashari.[5] The next day, Air Ashari were seen riding skysails above Emon as they magically directed a storm and fought the wyvern flock over the city.[6]

When Bells Hells arrived in Zephrah, they were immediately accosted by two skydancers as well as several guards of the village who soon recognized Orym and stood down. Later, the party learned that the apogee solstice had affected some of the devices, which needed to be re-enchanted in order to work properly again.[7]

Flying by Elaine Tipping

Fan art of a flying chaos, by Elaine Tipping.[art 2]

After Bells Hells helped the Voice of the Tempest recover from her wounds, there was a huge celebration among the Air Ashari, during which Laudna, Chetney and Imogen took part in a fun but risky combat-like performance with magic and skysails. People on the ground saw it and took it for a planned event of the party, even though it ended by traumatizing Laudna's trainer when she cast bees on his face after seizing control of the skysail they had been sharing, and Chetney crash-landed resulting in the destruction of one skysail and a henhouse.[8]


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