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A skyport is a harbor for skyships, equivalent to a seaport for sailing ships. Generally, skyports are constructed as tall, multi-storied towers with docking platforms.[1][2][3][4] Skyports are found exclusively in major cities, and as a result, few skyships will steer off the trade routes between these cities.[3][2] There are multiple known skyports in Tal'Dorei and Marquet and only one each in Issylra and Wildemount.

Known skyports[]

Location Continent Status Notes
Ank'Harel Marquet Open The Indala Skyport was built before 810 PD.[1]
Emon Tal'Dorei Destroyed The original skyport in Emon, built before 810 PD,[5] was the first in Tal'Dorei and was destroyed by Thordak. A second skyport was later completed.[3]
Emon Tal'Dorei Open Rebuilt after the original was destroyed, the skyport was completed some time before 836 PD through a cooperative effort between the Arcana Pansophical and the Alsfarin Union. It is called simply the Emon Skyport.[3]
Jrusar Marquet Open Built before 842 PD[4] and likely after 836 PD,[6] the Aerie Skyport can accommodate eight simultaneously docked skyships,[4] although it was built to house only four at a time.[7]
Port Damali Wildemount Open Completed before 835 PD, this skyport was still the only skyport in Wildemount in 836 PD.[2][3]
Taloned Highlands Marquet Destroyed Dismantled by the Stratos Throne during the Apex War, around 823 PD. A replacement had not been built by 843 PD.[8]
Vasselheim Issylra Open Built before 810 PD,[5] it is the only known skyport in Issylra by 836 PD.[9]
Whitestone Tal'Dorei Open Completed in 835 PD or shortly before,[10] this skyport often acts as a layover for skyships traveling from Emon to Port Damali.[3]
Yios Marquet Open Originally dismantled by Yios during the Apex War, around 823 PD [8]. As of 843 PD the "Lakecap Skyport and Lounge" is in operation [11]


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