Sky Spear is the matriarch of the Dolorov Tribe. Sky Spear has not yet appeared in the campaign, but has been mentioned twice by Yasha Nydoorin.

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"A Storm of Memories" (2x46) Edit

Yasha tells Jester that in her tribe, there is a matriarch, the Champion. Her name is the Sky Spear.[1]

"Agreements" (2x61) Edit

Yasha tells the Mighty Nein that she was married at one point. In the Dolorov Tribe, mates are chosen by the Sky Spear, the tribe's head.[2]

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Zuala and Yasha Nydoorin Edit

She sentenced the two to death for marrying each other, which was against the laws of the clan. Members are required to marry their assigned mate, chosen by the Sky Spear herself. However, Yasha managed to escape.

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