Skein is a fine blue-grey dust, it got its name of the effect it had when eaten, you can see the weave of time. Skein is a dried and ground fungus, an effective and popular drug. It is mostly seen on the outskirt where it was not so heavily controlled and where there wasn't a huge jail time for it if caught.[1]


Around ten minutes after ingestion, this substance begins to make its effects known. Nausea creeping over an individual, their vision begins to cloud over on the edges as they begin to see faint snow like dust out to a range of 10 feet. In this area around them, the colors of the world become colorless, of black, white, and gray tones. Opening up the user's perception into the Ethereal Plane, this dangerous substance has the potential side effect of stunning the user for an hour, were their minds not able to resist the potential ill effects.[2] Straining the users body over its duration, the substance can cause the user to become woozy, and can potentially cause them to blackout are they not able to hold their composure.[3]


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