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Siroc (pronounced /sirˈɑk/)[3] is Gurge's half-elf landlady. As an NPC, Siroc is played by Matthew Mercer.



When Bells Hells first met Siroc, she wore her hair pulled back very tightly into a bun from which emerged a short braid, and an older but well-maintained green dress. She is middle-aged.[4]


Siroc is somewhat focused on business, and is primarily interested in getting her rent money and money for repairs from Gurge, or from the party if Gurge cannot provide it.[5]


"A Woodworker's Quandary" (3x08)[]

Siroc came upon the party after they'd broken into Gurge's temporary residence and begun investigating. After they showed her the damage done she seemed somewhat exasperated by the various strange events happening in the city and frustrated by the lack of response from the Wardens. She mentioned a dire wolf attack in the neighborhood, various local burglaries, a magical explosion in the Core Spire, and hauntings in the power.

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