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Simeon is a retired human bookbinder from Emon, and the traveling companion and rival of Lord Willan.



Simeon is a human man in his late thirties (c. 807 PD[3]) with dark skin.[1] He is taller and darker-skinned than Lord Willan.[1] When he met Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia, he wore "a long practical cloak," gloves, and "a pair of glasses on a chain around his neck."[1][note 1]


Simeon is very friendly towards strangers: he invited Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia to join his group's camp and share their food without question.[1][note 1]



At one point, Simeon worked as a bookbinder in Emon.[2] He subsequently retired from his profession, and, around 806 PD, began traveling with Lord Willan, a historian.[3][2]

Kith & Kin[]

Around 807 PD,[3] Simeon and Willan traveled together to Jorenn Village from Turst Fields; they had "been traveling together for the better part of a year".[2] They hired Nera and a pair of dwarves to accompany them on their journey.[2] Along their journey, their group crossed paths with a messenger traveling between Turst Fields and Westruun; she described them as merchants and informed Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia that they might catch up to them.[4]

The following evening, Simeon and his party made camp with Jorenn Village in view.[5] The twins and Trinket did indeed catch up to them, and asked to camp with them.[1] Simeon told them they were welcome to join and share in their food, while Willan was less enthusiastic.[2][note 1] One of the two men cooked dinner for the group.[6] Simeon then went into a tent,[2][note 1] but both men later joined around the fire for one of the dwarves' story about the ash walkers.[7][note 2] Later that night, while Vax'ildan and Nera took watch, ash walkers descended upon the camp.[8] Simeon and his fellow travelers, except for Vax'ildan and some of their ponies, were rescued by riders from the Shadewatch; Vax'ildan was rescued by the outlaw miners, while all but two of the ponies were killed by the ash walkers.[9][10][11] In their flight, the travelers left behind much of their belongings, including a notebook belonging to either Simeon or Willan.[12] The Shadewatch brought the travelers to Jorenn Village and told them there would be rooms for them at The Scattered Bar.[13] As the pair arrived in town, Willan dismounted from his horse and vomited.[14] Simeon "made his way toward his nemesis, checked to see if he was unhurt, and within moments they were bickering again."[14]

During the following days, Shademaster Derowen and Wick spoke with Simeon and the other survivors.[15] The two scholars then found a guide to lead them into the Grey Valley, while the dwarves returned to Turst Fields; Nera left for Westruun the day after the attack.[12][15]


Lord Willan[]

Simeon and Lord Willan are travel companions, despite being described as adversaries and nemeses.[16][14] According to their fellow travelers, the two men argue constantly over trivial matters such as "the proper use of gloves".[2] Even after being nearly killed by ash walkers, the two men immediately started bickering again.[14] They also seem to have quite opposite personalities: Simeon was very welcoming to strangers asking to join their camp, while Willan was not.[1][note 1]

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