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Shirkuh Marín is a famed sailor of the Lucidian Ocean as of 836 PD.[1]



Shirkuh is a transgender human man with a slim build, with tanned skin and curly brown hair shaved on the sides; he also has a beard adorned with a silver bead on the end. He wears a long teal coat, red pants, brown leather boots and gloves as well as a pair of straps crossing his chest, and and a white shirt with a wide v-neck.[2]


Shirkuh is a proud man that honors the fame of his namesake, following his own code of honor and ethics, and building a reputation as a talented and reckless individual.[1]


Shirkuh was born a girl in Nicodranas to Marquesian parents. Growing up, he eventually transitioned and chose a new name for himself, that of his great-granduncle, an infamous Marquesian pirate.[1]

At some point, Shirkuh Marín became a sailor himself, and, proud of his lineage, he decided to follow his own code, working and fighting without distinction with honest sailors and pirates of The Revelry. His numerous adventures have given rise to tavern songs and the most varied rumours: there are those who say that he outran a juvenile kraken in the Shearing Channel; others, that he managed to trick the Plank King in a game of two-card and avoid the consequences; he is known to have been to Tal'Dorei, and some tell how he stole the heart of a Clasp Spireling in Kymal. People generally agree that even if not all of those stories are true, Shirkuh would be able to accomplish those things if he wanted to.[1] At some point during his many travels Shirkuh embraced his way of life and swore a sacred oath, becoming a paladin of the open sea, gaining magic in the process.

Abdar's Promenade - Adrián Ibarra Lugo

Official art of Kel'jaia, Shirkuh and Alasterre receiving a quest from Lady Kima of Vord in Emon, by Adrián Ibarra Lugo.[art 2]

He has been to Emon, where he has met Lady Kima of Vord, paladin of Bahamut; Kel'jaia Uleoh, Syngornian delegate on the Tal'Dorei Council; and Alasterre de Vitrevos, director of Tal'Dorei's Claret Order.[3][4]

Character information[]

Notable items[]

  • A falchion


Human abilities[]

Unless otherwise noted, Shirkuh is a regular human without racial abilities.

Paladin features[]

  • Divine Sense
  • Lay on Hands
  • Fighting Style
  • Spellcasting
  • Divine Health
  • Sacred Oath: Oath of the Open Sea
    • Oath Spells
    • Channel Divinity
      • Marine Layer
      • Fury of the Tides
    • Aura of Liberation (potentially)


  • His name is of Kurdish origin and means "lion of the mountains". His surname is of Galician origin and is either a direct variation of mare ("sea" in Latin) or comes from the name Marinus ("of the sea" in Latin).
    • He shares his name with a real-world commander, the uncle of Saladin. His surname is the same as that of a Galician port town.
    • Ironically, both his first and last names evoke images of different landscapes: the mountains and the coast.
  • He shares some similarities with Fjord, both being sailors from the Menagerie Coast, trying to emulate older figures in a way, using falchions as their weapons (although the half-orc would eventually replace it for Star Razor) and having taken the Oath of the Open Sea as paladins.



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