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The Shifting Keep is a compound for the Syngornian military, located in the forests of the Verdant Expanse.


The Shifting Keep houses almost a thousand scouts, rangers, spies, and warriors from the elven city of Syngorn. It is the primary outpost by which they defend the woods of the Verdant Expanse, and is located within a copse of huge trees within that forest, with some trees included within the keep itself.[2]

It is protected by extremely powerful illusion magic that can project the image of the keep to anywhere within a mile of its true location.[2]


During the Scattered War, the illusion magic of the Shifting Keep proved to be invaluable to Syngorn and their allies in their fight against the Kingdom of Drassig. By luring Neminar Drassig and his army to a false projection of the keep, the rebels led by Zan Tal'Dorei were able to soundly defeat them in a battle that would serve as the turning point in the war.[3]


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