The "Shields of the Plains" is paramilitary gendarmerie similar in dual-function mission profile to the Arms of Emon, in western Tal'Dorei, the Crownsguard in the Dwendalian Empire or The Hand of Ord in Ank’Harel. Stationed primarily in Westruun the "Shields" are also tasked with patrolling much of the central and eastern portion of the realm. With an established strength of only 800, it must be presumed that they make use of roving mounted patrols to even make a show of accomplishing this mission. Spread as thin as they are, they have not yet been able to do more than barely keep the roaming bands of Ravagers at bay. About 150 of these "Shields" are permanently stationed as a detachment in the small town of Turst Fields to enforce the laws and protect it from roaming Ravagers.[1]
Shields Regiment Rider Concept,

"Shields" mounted trooper (fanart concept)

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