Sherri is a half-elven employee of Gilmore's Glorious Goods. She often handles business dealings when Gilmore himself is otherwise preoccupied. As an NPC, Sherri is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Sherri is a mousy, half-elven woman with thick spectacles.[1][2]

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When Vox Machina stopped by Gilmore's, Sherri informed them that the man himself was away in Westruun. She sent him a message on their behalf via arcane parchment. She then helped them with their requests in the store, finding a couple of books on alchemy for Keyleth and identifying a potion for Scanlan. When Keyleth tried to haggle for a better price on the books and ended up offending Sherri, Scanlan tried to smooth things over by flirting and composing a song for her. Sherri blushed, but did sell him the books.

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