Sheila Bobsnopper is an older female gnome shopkeeper in Nicodranas. As an NPC, Sheila Bobsnopper is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Sheila is an older female gnome with very deep-set smile lines in her face, and crow's feet heavy enough that her eyelids seem to almost completely cover her eyes except for a little bit of beady black poking through. She has very suntanned skin, burned in places over and over again to the point where she has a very splotchy complexion that’s strangely adorable. Her hair is very sun-bleached, with gray and light brown beneath white and blond.

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Sheila is the owner and proprietor of the Seafloor's Bounty in Nicodranas, a general store/pawn shop in the Open Quay district of Nicodranas.

"Homeward Bound" (2x48) Edit

The party went to Seafloor's Bounty, met Sheila, and purchased three healing potions and some flammable oil. Nott sells her some old studded leather armor. Caduceus senses a magical aura from a small wooden case behind the counter, but Sheila denies having any magical items for sale. Sheila seems irritated and irritable throughout the encounter.

"Dark Waters" (2x98) Edit

Caduceus shopped with Sheila, purchasing incense, ointment for True Seeing, a leather fan that casts Gust of Wind when waved (a Wind Fan), a mysterious locked wooden case that proved to contain spell scrolls for Telekinesis and Flaming Sphere, and a necklace that allows the wearer to talk to and understand plants (a Charm of Plant Command).

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