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Shayne Tranter is one of the guards at Greyskull Keep. As an NPC, she is portrayed by Matthew Mercer.



Chandra Pandhita Shayne Tranter

Fan art of Shayne Tranter, by Chandra Pandhita.[art 2]

Shayne had short, fiery red hair, which then grew long until she shaved it all off.[2] Her pretty and stern face has scars across both cheeks from a broken glass in a fight.[1] She mainly relies on her heavy crossbow, but also carries a broadsword.[3]


Shayne takes her work very seriously and, while humor isn't lost on her, she maintains a mostly serious demeanor.[1]



Shayne, like the other guards of Greyskull Keep, was hired after a trial in which Vox Machina attacked the candidates and hired them based on how well they reacted.[4]

"Escape from the Underdark" (1x13)[]

Shayne was one of the guards on duty when Vox Machina returned from the Underdark. She threatened the group from atop the wall with a crossbow as they approached. When they identified themselves, she seemed pleased to see them and shouted for Cordell to open the gates.[5]

When the members of Vox Machina woke the next morning, Shayne and Cordell were just finishing their guard shift, sharing a meal together before leaving.[6]

"The Rematch" (1x23)[]

Shayne greeted Vox Machina on their return from Vasselheim and noted that Kynan Leore's tent had been there for about two weeks.

"The Feast" (1x24)[]

Unused to seeing Tiberius flying toward the keep, Shayne and Cordell loosed crossbow bolts at him but missed.

"Consequences and Cows" (1x26)[]

Shayne and Cordell were guarding the wall while an elderly couple waited for Vox Machina's return.

"The Path to Whitestone" (1x27)[]

Shayne and Cordell hurriedly opened the gates to allow members of Vox Machina in to back up Percy against the invisible stalkers.

"Desperate Measures" (1x40)[]

Shayne, Cordell, and Kendrick initially held off the crowd of people trying to get into Greyskull Keep during the Chroma Conclave's attack on Emon, but on orders opened the gate. Shayne then tried to help fight against Vorugal during his attack on the keep.

"Voice of the Tempest" (1x90)[]

Chandra Pandhita Shayne Tranter 2

Fan art of Shayne after shaving her head, by Chandra Pandhita.[art 3]

Upon returning to Greyskull Keep after their trip to Vesrah for Keyleth's Aramente, Vox Machina decided their next destination would be Vasselheim. Knowing of Vasselheim's issues with arcane magic and the potential for Taryon Darrington's automaton, Doty, to cause issues, many of Vox Machina set to crafting a disguise for Doty. While others made their preparation, Taryon Darrington approached Shayne and offered to purchase her hair to be used as a wig for 100 gold pieces. Shayne counter offered, asking for 500 gold, and Taryon was quick to accept.

Shayne headed into Greyskull Keep before returning later with a bald head and the remnants of her hair in hand, Taryon giving her the 500 gold in exchange for the hair.

Character Information[]

Notable Items[]

  • Heavy crossbow[3]
  • Broadsword[3]

Appearances and mentions[]


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