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Come. Let me show you why they call me "glorious".
Shaun Gilmore[14]

Shaun Gilmore, commonly known as just Gilmore, is a sorcerer[3] merchant. He owns the Gilmore's Glorious Goods shop in the city of Emon and was at one point planning to open another shop in Westruun. He is the chief sponsor of Vox Machina and provides the group a discount for all of his merchandise. As an NPC, he is played by Matthew Mercer in Critical Role and Aabria Iyengar in Exandria Unlimited.



Gilmore is described as a very handsome man with a slight paunch, with long, thick, coarse black hair that he usually ties back into a ponytail. Recently, he has decided to grow out a goatee, which he keeps well-braided. He wears what Matthew Mercer describes as "a wizard's tracksuit", with gold-trimmed purple robes that open up at the chest, and various golden necklaces and medallions.


Gilmore is charming and amicable with a very "Broadway" personality, often using grandiose gestures and manners of speaking and showing a performative style. He shows confidence in his success as both a businessman and a very adept magic caster, as much of what he creates is out of the ordinary and different from standard enchantments.

He keeps friends and family close, going out of his way to look after the well-being of Vox Machina, compatriots from Emon, and his parents -- who he keeps a literal step away via magic. This includes sharing his confidence and vulnerabilities with those he trusts. This is shown over time in conversations with the party (Vax'ildan in particular) and giving Vox Machina access to his family home.

Despite any partnerships or friendships, Gilmore has shown that he is still shrewd and cautious when it comes to his business. When asked about opening a line of credit with Vox Machina to cover for the goods they wanted, he was willing to do so. However, he would still send people after them should they make this arrangement and not repay him within a month. He also isn't against mischief and has used a customer as a test subject for new kinds of enchantments, as seen with the unfortunate side effects of Scanlan's Potion of Scrying.



Gilmore was born Shaun Geddmore[15] in a small village in Marquet known as Shandal around the year 773 PD[16]. There he lived with his parents, Soren and Opesa Geddmore. Around 796 left for Tal'Dorei to start his own business.[17] There he would change his last name to Gilmore.

Gilmore's sorcerous power comes from his bloodline, being what is known as a "Runechild".[18]

Campaign One: Vox Machina

"Shopping and Shipping" (1x14)

Shaun Gilmore appeared for the first time on the stream as Vox Machina readied for their next adventure and stopped at Gilmore's Glorious Goods, LLC. The party entered Gilmore's shop in Abdar's Promenade, where Vax made a beeline to find the man himself. They were greeted warmly, and Gilmore confided that trade had been good; he was in the process of expanding to a second storefront in Westruun.

Gilmore's Storefront Sign

Vax asked to take Gilmore out on the town while the rest shopped, and Gilmore agreed. He left Sherri, his assistant, to handle the sales. Gilmore and Vax headed to a romantic botanical garden in the Erudite Quarter, where they shared a glass of wine together. They flirted for a while before returning to the shop, a little drunk.

Back at the shop, sales were concluded, and Vox Machina walked away with a pile of new magical items in return for a large amount of gold, platinum, and dragon scales.

"Skyward" (1x15)
Scanlan returned to Gilmore's shop to have Gilmore create a Potion of Scrying. Tiberius also followed this conversation and asked Gilmore questions regarding magic.

"The Feast" (1x24)
Vox Machina stopped by Gilmore's shop but was told that he was away in Westruun, working on the new branch of Gilmore's Glorious Goods. Keyleth had Sherri send him a message that Vax was in town, and Gilmore teleported immediately into the shop. Vax greeted him with a European-style kiss on the cheek and asked where they could be alone to talk. The two of them went into a back room to trade news; Vax told Gilmore about his recent exploits in the Underdark, and Gilmore told Vax what had been happening in Emon and at the new branch in Westruun.

Noticing the teleportation sigil on the floor of the room, Vax asked Gilmore if it was possible to get access to the sigil for Kraghammer. Although he himself did not have access to the sigil, Gilmore did secure a favor with the Lyceum. Vax then purchased three magic daggers from Gilmore on credit, which he repaid within the week.

"Echoes of the Past" (1x38)
Following the execution of Riskel Daxio, the group goes on a pub crawl. They reunite with Gilmore and he gives them more information on Vecna. Vax privately tells Gilmore that he can't continue their flirtation because he's in love with someone else, though Vax doesn't think that person loves him. Gilmore is understanding and suave, as always.

"Omens" (1x39)

Fan art of Gilmore during the fall of Emon, by Megzilla87.[art 2]

Scanlan Shorthalt had requested a potion from Gilmore, only to find out that he was in Westruun. Sherri had retrieved Gilmore, and a brief discussion on scrying occurred. Gilmore attended Uriel's speech in the Cloudtop District of Emon when the Chroma Conclave attacked. He became separated from Vox Machina and they had to leave without him.[19]

"In Ruins" (1x41)
When Vox Machina found Gilmore again, he was near death in the basement of his destroyed shop. Gilmore was injured during the initial attack, when he bravely rescued Salda Tal'Dorei and her children. He was healed and revealed that Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei III had fallen.[20] He then spoke of an anomaly on The Cinder King, an obfuscation on the chest that looked like it pulsed with power.[21] Gilmore then aided in defeating some scouting looters on the way back to Greyskull Keep before resting at the keep with Salda and her children.

"Dangerous Dealings" (1x42)
Gilmore went to Whitestone with the rest of the Emon refugees.

"Duskmeadow" (1x57)
While living as a refugee in Whitestone, Gilmore, with the help of Lady Allura Vysoren and Eskil Ryndarien, was tasked with creating and maintaining a protective barrier over the town, while also investigating the orb left by the Briarwoods. He reunited with Vox Machina and joined Allura and the Realmseer in sharing what they know about the Ziggurat.[22]

"A Cycle of Vengeance" (1x58)
During one of Vox Machina's visits to Whitestone, Gilmore was impersonated by a rakshasa named Hotis in an attempt at vengeance on Vax. After Vax and the rest of Vox Machina slew Hotis and his hired assassins, Keyleth searched for the real Gilmore and Allura to ensure their safety. Keyleth managed to find Gilmore—just as he was crushing the body of his would-be assassin using powerful magic.[23]

"The Frigid Doom" (1x64)
Gilmore told Vox Machina that he and Pike had been working on the barrier. Gilmore was trying to scry on the other dragons, with no success on Raishan. But he says that the place Vorugal attacked was Draconia, which has been razed. He informed the party of Vorugal's attack and subsequent razing of Draconia along with the state of the surviving dragonborn. Gilmore mentioned that he grew up in Marquet.

"The Streets of Ank'Harel" (1x65)
Vox Machina arrived at Gilmore's house for information on Marquet and a teleportation circle to the continent. He filled in the party of his history, telling them that he was born in a town nearby called Shandal and that they would need a day's journey to reach Ank'Harel. When Vex asked if a message should be passed on, he passed a silver locket and chain with no other explanation, just saying that she would know who to give it to after she meets them. He was noted to be exhausted by Keyleth and confirmed by Sherri just outside of his house. Sherri worried that he would collapse if he had to hold the portal by himself for much longer. Vox Machina asked Jarett Howarth to keep an eye on him during their trip. They used the teleportation circle, ending up in Gilmore's old and mostly empty bedroom. Some of his old belongings were found by Vex, with the party meeting Opesa and Soren Geddmore.

"Passed Through Fire" (1x69)

"The Coming Storm" (1x73)

"Path of Brass" (1x74)

Fan art of Gilmore, by shalizeh7.[art 3]

"The Siege of Emon" (1x78)

"Thordak" (1x79)

"Raishan" (1x80)

"What Lies Beneath the Surface" (1x81)

"The Deceiver's Stand" (1x83)

"A Bard's Lament" (1x85)

"The Final Ascent" (1x113)

"The Search For Grog" (Sx42)

"Dalen's Closet" (Sx47)

Exandria Unlimited

Fan art of Gilmore in 842 PD, by CoupleOfKooks.[art 4]

"The Oh No Plateau" (Ex02)
In 842 PD, 31 years after the events of the Chroma Crisis, Lorkathar of the Fire Ashari sent an adventuring party to seek Gilmore's guidance about the rune that appeared on the newly raised plateau near Flamereach Outpost.[24]

"A Glorious Return" (Ex03)



Fan art of Gilmore and Vax'ildan, by David Rodrigues.[art 5]

Vax'ildan and Gilmore enjoy flirting with each other and spending time together. After returning from the Underdark, Vax asked Gilmore out to a meal and a walk, partially to give the rest of Vox Machina time to shop and haggle, but also just to catch up with his friend.[25]

Vax seems to view Gilmore as a confidant, as he told him about Vox Machina's struggles in the Underdark and about the Horn of Orcus, which the party had agreed to keep a secret.[26]

After defeating the Briarwoods and returning to Emon, Vax took a moment to sit down with Gilmore and explain that he was in love with someone else. Gilmore, although saddened by the news, took it very well, and after a final kiss the two parted amicably.[27] They remained close friends. When Gilmore learnt of Vax's death, he was visibly distraught.


Sherri is one of Gilmore's employees and the one he seems to trust the most, as she is usually left in charge of the shop when he is away.[28] Although Sherri is sometimes frustrated with her boss, she is incredibly loyal to him. When Gilmore was gravely injured during the Chroma Conclave's attack on Emon, Sherri stayed by his side to protect him and tend to his wounds.[29] She later went with him and the other refugees to Whitestone.

Soren and Opesa Geddmore

Gilmore appears to have a strained relationship with his parents. After moving to Tal'Dorei from Marquet, he hadn't visited them in fifteen years, despite having a Teleportation Circle leading to their house.[30] When Vox Machina told Gilmore that his parents were proud of him, Gilmore said that it's "Taken a while."[31]

Character Information


Fan art of Gilmore casting a spell, by David Rodrigues.[art 6]

Gilmore's portrait in Pillars of Eternity II: Dreadfire.[art 7]

Gilmore eventually revealed that he is a Runechild, meaning he is gifted with natural magical abilities through his bloodline.[32][4]

Sorcerer Features

  • Spellcasting
  • Font of Magic (≥13 Sorcery Points)
  • Metamagic
  • Sorcerous Origin: Runechild
    • Essence Runes
    • Glyphs of Aegis
    • Sigilic Augmentation
    • Manifest Inscriptions

Sorcerer Spells


  • Prestidigitation[33]








Notable Items

  • Focus Ring[46]
  • Heroes' Feast-creating Wooden Dominoes[47][48]


  • "But if you find a way for me to become a dragon, that would be sexy."[49]
  • "Flattery will get you literally everywhere."[50]


Shaun Gilmore mini painted by Matt.[51]

  • Shaun Gilmore was actually born Shaun Geddmore,[52] but had his name anglicized when he moved to Tal'Dorei for better business.
  • Gilmore is able to cast the spell Identify, despite it not being a sorcerer spell. A possible explanation for this is that he has the Magic Initiate feat.
  • In the Critical Role Major Arcana Tarot Card Set, he represents X - Wheel of Fortune.
  • Shaun Gilmore is included with Vox Machina in the Critical Role Pack DLC for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
  • Gilmore's character stems from a person with a larger-than-life personality who went to high school, and did a lot of theater, with Matt. Gilmore's interest in Vax was improvised after Vex failed terribly on a Persuasion check to barter, and Vax, backing her up, rolled high.[53]


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