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The Shattered Teeth is a major archipelago of 43 islands, located on Exandria southeast of Tal'Dorei and far south of Wildemount, past the persistent fogbank known as the Fool's Curtain. Varying in size from mile-wide reef-top isles to large, city-holding islands like Ruukva, this archipelago is mainly split between two conflicting societies: the Ossended Host and the Wanderman Assembly.[11][12]


Map - Islands of the Shattered Teeth

Official map of the movement of part of the Shattered Teeth, with Kalutha on the lower right, Slival at center left, and the Vermillion Reef in the center from "Mist and Whimsy" (3x71) at 3:37:05.[art 2]

A paper map shown on-screen[13] places an outline of the Shattered Teeth at a lower latitude than southern Marquet,[14] but a later official map by Andy Law shows the Shattered Teeth in a different shape, at the same latitude as northern Marquet.[15]

The islands of the Shattered Teeth shift over time due to the churning elemental energy left over from the continent's destruction, so that maps have to be frequently updated.[16]

Known islands[]

  • Athova-Rae - an island in the northern part of the archipielago, with less mist cover, and thus frequently visited by foreign vessels
  • Kalutha - the location of Evontra'vir and home of the Aishio people
  • Igthuldus - the location of Athos Peak and the Chynes Maw
  • Ruukva - one of the largest of the islands of the archipelago
  • Shardborne - an island located just north of Slival
  • Slival - the home of Jirana

Known fauna[]

Known flora[]

  • Corkscrewing black-and-white birches (Slival)[24]


The Ossended Host[]

The Ossended Host is a huge society of tribes of isolationist fishing folk who seek enlightenment via the worship of dreams and nightmares.[12] They are the largest presence on Kalutha,[25] and the Aishio culture there utilizes woe steel to make protectively-enchanted raito charms.[26]

The Wanderman Assembly[]

The Wanderman Assembly is a ruthlessly capitalistic society that claims to hold to the virtues of honor and brotherhood. It was originally a trading company from the Menagerie Coast that wrecked in the Shattered Teeth due to a hurricane.[12] Their ships can sometimes be paid to transport travelers from island to island.[27]

Notable people[]

Name Type Island Description
Jirana NPC Slival A wise woman and grief counselor known as "The Shore Shrew"
Urlu Novos NPC The Sea Skeletal pirate captain of the Crimson Abyss
Cyrillia NPC The Sea Skeletal pirate navigator of the Crimson Abyss
Kyle NPC The Sea Skeletal pirate crew of the Crimson Abyss



Before the Calamity, this area was known as the continent of Domunas.[28] During the Founding, Pelor and Melora defeated the greatest Primordials of the continent, Rau'shan, the Emperor of Fire and Ka'Mort, the Empress of Earth, and sealed them beneath Mount Ygora.[29]

Mount Ygora would eventually be home to Cathmoíra, sister city to the flying city of Avalir. The acts that led directly to the beginning of the Calamity took place within Avalir the night before it was to dock with Cathmoíra for a recurring event called the Replenishment in which Avalir released massive quantities of stored magical Ether into the continent.

That night, the archmage Vespin Chloras had just broken the Betrayer Gods, including Asmodeus, out of the planar prisons to which they'd been confined since the Founding. Shortly after being freed, Asmodeus noted, "I always said, on the face of Exandria, Domunas was the smile."[30] Asmodeus planned to corrupt the Replenishment so that it would release Rau'shan and Ka'Mort, so that the Primordials would join the Betrayer Gods and resume their war on the Prime Deities and mortals of the world. When the Ring of Brass foiled Asmodeus's plan, causing the Primordials to instead be banished from Exandria, Asmodeus referred to his earlier comment and said, "Let's shatter her teeth."[31]

The Ring of Brass, while working to prevent the bound Primordials from escaping their confines, inadvertently caused a catastrophic magical explosion within the city of Avalir as it landed, which shattered the continent of Domunas. The islands that were left after the explosion would later be referred to as the Shattered Teeth.[32]


In the years shortly before 812 PD, the tension between the Ossended Host and the Wanderman Assembly had become somewhat violent. A deeper element of the conflict is the source of the dreams on which the Ossended Host has been drawing for centuries.[33]

In late 835 PD, the pirate Sorris Cade told Avantika about a recent return from the Shattered Teeth, which he described as terribly cold and foggy.[34]

There are hard-to-corroborate stories and myths that dinosaurs like the deinonychus, which are said to have existed in the time of the Primordial Titans, may still survive in the Shattered Teeth.[3] (Many creatures from far and wide, including deinonychus and Tyrannosaurus rex, were displaced to Rumblecusp due to Vokodo.)

Keyleth once visited the island of Slival while seeking information on the gods and the limits of their power,[35] while Efterin received a shard of power from the Great Tree of Atrophy, formerly known as Evontra'vir.[36]


  • If Jirana's way of tracking time is to be trusted, one year of the Shattered Teeth counts (roughly) as three years and four months in the Exandrian calendar. According to her, the local spirits themselves track time differently.[37]
  • In 843 PD some people were aware that Domunas was the original continent that formed the Shattered Teeth, but the exact cause of this destructive change wasn't completely understood. Keyleth of the Air Ashari, for example, stated that the continent was destroyed by residual elemental magic accumulated in Domunas,[38] unaware of the activation of the Astral Leywright and its role in the destruction of two primordial titans. Even now the region is still marked by elemental power, although it isn't as intense and obvious as the elemental rifts guarded by the Ashari.[39]
  • Jirana, a native woman from the archipelago, knew of the destruction of the Emperor of Fire and the Empress of Earth, and confirmed it is their residual energy that still remains in the area.[40]
  • In recent times different modern Exandrians have tried to contact the Shattered Teeth and to make its inhabitants more involved with the rest of the world, but there has not been much success.[41]


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