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Shattengrod was a pre-Calamity city from the Age of Arcanum, whose ruins were discovered near Pride's Call and are as of 835 PD being heavily excavated by the Dwendalian Empire and the Cerberus Assembly.[1]


The ruins lie at the bottom of a massive, rocky sinkhole. It has since been expanded further by various excavations.[1]


Ruins of Shattengrod

The ruins of Shattengrod and nearby features in the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.[art 2]

The ruins of Shattengrod were discovered a few decades ago when a quarry was being built near Pride's Call and the hill dwarves living there found a deep pit that went beneath it. At its bottom were the ruins of a very ancient city: Shattengrod, one of a number of prominent cities in the Age of Arcanum destroyed before or during the Calamity.[3] The ruins have been being slowly uncovered[4] under the supervision of the Cerberus Assembly and The Cobalt Soul.[5] They date to the Age of Arcanum.[6] Mercenaries are employed for delving into the ruins,[1] and competing parties often use the nearby city of Yrrosa as a base of operations.[7]

Trent Ikithon claimed that the Luxon beacon that the Dwendalian Empire proposed to offer to the Kryn Dynasty had been found a few weeks ago at this archaeological dig,[8] and Beau confirmed at the Cobalt Soul that one had been found there.[9] When questioning the Mighty Nein about their intended activities with Vess DeRogna, Trent asked them if she was taking them there as glorified tomb raiders.[10]

After speaking with Trent Ikithon in "Dinner with the Devil" (2x110), Beau looked through her notebook and believed she had found a connection between the group known as the Tomb Takers and their last exploits in Shattengrod.[11]

Behind the Scenes[]

The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount notes that further relics have likely been found in Shattengrod, other than the Luxon Beacon, as well as that the excavation had possibly awakened some dangerous undead beings.[1]


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