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Shammel[1][2] (pronounced /ˈʃæməl/), also called Shamal[3] (pronounced /ʃəˈmɑːl/), is a port city on the Bay of Gifts on the northern coast of Marquet. It is a major trade center as well as a popular tourist attraction. The city is bustling and, as is to be expected in a tourist town, everything is a little more expensive than Vox Machina are used to.[4] The beaches of the Bay of Gifts feature white sands and clear, glittering, turquoise-colored waters. Hundreds of ships fill the bay, from small fishing vessels to massive cargo ships.[5]

Notable locations[]

  • Dalen's Closet: A beach resort in Shammel, run by a halfling named Guath. This was where Vox Machina stayed during their Winter's Crest vacation in "One Year Later..." (1x95), and where Percival and Vex'ahlia's destination wedding was to take place.[6] As of 811 PD the resort was nice but not busy, and featured a beach of hammocks next to a wide, single-story tavern.[7]
  • A small boutique in the city was where Pike had her hair beaded and colored blue.


Campaign One: Vox Machina[]

"The Chase to Glintshore" (1x67)[]

When Vox Machina passed over the city at night in a skyship, it appeared to be a small sparkle in a crescent shape between the base of the Aggrad Mountains and the Bay of Gifts.

"One Year Later..." (1x95)[]

Vox Machina decided to have their Winter's Crest vacation in Shammel. They went from Emon to the Bay of Gifts by sailling and stayed at Dalen's Closet, a peaceful resort of the area. They did various activities during their first day. Pike Trickfoot, Percival de Rolo, Keyleth, Vex'ahlia, and Vax'ildan went scuba-diving and pearl fishing in the bay while Taryon Darrington, Doty, and Grog Strongjaw stayed on the beach to make sand castles. Later, Pike and Grog went to a small shop where Pike had her hair beaded, braided and blue-streaked, while Grog got his beard beaded and braided.

Before they went to the beach, Vax hid Tary's clothes and armor in Percy and Vex's room then told Tary that it was Percy who did it. Tary went to the couple's room and found his belongings there. In revenge, Tary let loose two big mastiffs to tear the room apart. When Vex and Percy returned in their room in the evening, they were horrified to find it torn apart with dog poop everywhere and the two dogs mating. Furious, Vex first went to find Grog, thinking it was him who had done it, but he denied it. Thanks to the owner Guath, Vex learned that Vax was in their room earlier so she stormed into Keyleth and Vax's room where she tried to make him talk. Vex then unleashed Trinket on Vax, chasing him to the beach.

Ultimately, Vex and Percy got another room thanks to Guath, and Vex talked to Taryon about all of this. She forgave Tary rapidly since Tary told the truth and apologized straightforwardly.


"Dalen's Closet" (Sx47)[]

One year after the attack on Vasselheim, Vox Machina gathered together to celebrate the official wedding of Percy and Vex among their family and friends. During the rehearsal dinner, the people in attendance fell unconscious except for Grog and Derrig. They discovered that the wine from Kamordah sent as a wedding gift by Eskil Ryndarien was poisoned. After a battle with vampires, the guests noticed that the unconscious Vex and Percy had disappeared.

The couple woke up, bound at the edge of a cliff, and saw that their kidnapper was Sylas Briarwood, who shortly afterwards threw them both into the water below. Percy was able to free himself and went straight to the surface shouting for help. Vex, however, fell unconscious and began to drown. The rest of Vox Machina soon arrived and were able to recover her dead body from the ocean and Revivify her, then engaging with Sylas and the vampires. After a long battle, Sylas was defeated by Vex dealing the final shot.

Exquisite Exandria: The Official Cookbook of Critical Role[]

Percival and Vex'ahlia's wedding led to a steady increase in business at Dalen's Closet. The "Dalen's Closet Special" is a sangria that includes dragonfruit as a nod to Vox Machina's adventuring days.[8]



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