Shamal Bay, or the Bay of Gifts, is a port city on the northern coast of Marquet. It is a major trade center as well as a popular tourist attraction.

The beaches of Shamal Bay feature white sands and clear, glittering, turquoise-colored waters. Hundreds of ships fill the bay, from small fishing vessels to massive cargo ships.[1] The city is bustling and, as is to be expected in a tourist town, everything is a little more expensive than Vox Machina are used to.[2]

Notable Locations Edit

  • Dalen's Closet is a beach resort in Shamal Bay, run by a halfling named Guath. This was where Vox Machina stayed during their Winter's Crest vacation in "One Year Later..." (1x95). The resort is nice but not busy, and features a beach of hammocks next to a wide, single-story tavern.[3]
  • A small boutique in the city was where Pike had her hair beaded and colored blue.

Trivia Edit

  • One of the T-shirt designs offered by Geek & Sundry features Dalen's Closet, with Vex and Trinket chasing Vax on the beach.
  • Shamal is the arabic word for "North" or "the North Wind", as the port city is located in northern Marquet.

References Edit

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