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Shaktia is a male djinni soldier from the Elemental Plane of Air who took up residence around Zephrah.


Shaktia was a domineering individual[1] presumably of chaotic good alignment,[2] but had a sense of humor, spending his time in Zephrah by playing pranks on its residents, as well as engaging in debates with them and tempting them to serve him. He was also stubborn, evident by his refusal to return to the Plane of Air.[1]


In the adventure hook A Welcome Overstayed, set in 836 PD, something transpired in the Plane of Air that caused him to leave. At around that time, he discovered and came through the elemental rift at Zephrah, where he refused to leave, instead bothering the Air Ashari with pranks, debates, and temptations to serve him. This prompted Keyleth, the Voice of the Tempest, to send Ashari windrunners to seek outside aid to convince the djinni to return to his home plane.[1]

Character information[]

Shaktia is identified as a djinni, the typical version of which is detailed in the Monster Manual (5th Ed.) on p. 144, or in the basic rules online.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The adventure hook that Shaktia appears in was also included in the original Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting, set in 812 PD.[3]