The Shadowfell is one of the Planes of Existence in the Critical Role universe. It was the home of Thar Amphala until that city was teleported by Vecna to the Material Plane.

In "Thar Amphala" (1x101), Vox Machina chased a resurrected Delilah Briarwood into the Shadowfell, following their encounter with her in a ziggurat in Marquet.  There they witnessed, from a distance, Vecna's rebirth atop the tower of Entropis.


Fan art of Shadowfell, by BlackSalander.[art 1]

According to Eskil Ryndarien, the Shadowfell is a plane of negative energy, and elements of it are used to funnel the transition of souls from life to death or back. It exists as a mirror plane, much like the Feywild. There are elements that resemble Exandria, but twisted, shifted."[1]

When Vex'ahlia shot an Oracle Arrow into the siphon beneath Whitestone, she caught a glimpse of the Shadowfell on the other side:

As the arrow landed and clattered to the stonework—maybe twenty feet below the orb—, looking around, she saw a landscape of blackened, broken stone and ground.  Distant mountainscapes of jagged crags, like teeth across the horizon.  The sky itself was black and shadowed, like it was perpetually amidst a distant forest fire, and where you can see the grey in the sky, you can see roiling thunder clouds with flashes of lightning.  And roughly a mile or so from what you could tell from where this was, you could see what appeared to be a large, obsidian tower of twisted, black stone that went up for what appeared to be a dozen or more stories.


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