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Shade creepers are small creatures that are a recurring problem in Jrusar.


Shade creepers are small gray creatures, with leathery, noseless faces and mouths full of teeth. Their eyes are red or black and they wear dark-colored cloaks and can wield daggers. Their feet are clawed.[4] As a "deathwish", shade creepers burst into flames, singeing nearby creatures and leaving only ash behind.[5][6]


Black eyed shade creepers have demonstrated the following abilities:

  • Claws: deals piercing and necrotic damage.[7]
  • Death Burst: When killed, they spontaneously combust, dealing a small amount of fire damage to those in the surrounding area.[8]
  • Slippery Dash: When an attack misses a shade creeper, it can use its reaction to move up to its speed without provoking opportunity attacks.[9]
  • Spider Climb[10]
  • Light Sensitivity: While in bright light, a shade creeper has disadvantage on attack rolls.[11]

A four-armed mutant shade creeper has the following abilities:

  • Multiattack: The shade creeper makes a claw attack and uses Spit
  • Spit: One target must make a dexterity saving throw, taking no damage on a success.[12]



Fan art of a shade creeper, by Colton Balske of Kraven's Keep.[art 2]

A group of shade creepers with black eyes attacked the yet-to-be-named Bells Hells in the Weary Way Tavern. They appeared to be under the control of the dwarf Dugger, who was also fighting the party.[13] After the combat, Imogen and Laudna said that they'd previously helped Zhudanna deal with some shade creepers, but that the ones they'd seen had red eyes, not black, and didn't explode when killed.[14]

When the party fought Dugger in his home, he was accompanied by more shade creepers. During this fight, Dugger had a black-eyed shade creeper inside a hump on his back. The shade creeper was released from his back by an attack by Orym. It is unclear if this was the source of some of his strange powers.[15]

Chetney observed Emoth Kade commanding a group of black-eyed shade creepers to steal items in a guest room at the ball.[16] The party fought Emoth and the shade creepers, but Emoth escaped through a small hole.[17]

When Bells Hells and the Green Seekers investigated the Crownset Caverns of the Underrush Mines, they encountered a swarm of shade creepers accompanied by a trio of mutated shade creepers with four arms and a split jaw.[18]


  • Shade creepers resemble darklings from Volo's Guide to Monsters in that they wear dark cloaks, have gray skin and toothy mouths, stab with daggers, practice thievery, live in the chambers beneath other species' cities, have blindsight, and combust when they die, damaging nearby creatures.[19]
    • Since darklings exist in other parts of Exandria, such as the Tooth of Zehir, it is possible that the shade creepers are a variant from Marquet, or at the very least related to them.[20]


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