Serpent Belt by Dungeon Scribe

Fan art of Serpent Belt, by DungeonScribe.[art 1]

BlackSalander Serpent Belt

Fan art of Serpent Belt, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

The Serpent Belt, a.k.a Simon, was a magical belt owned by Vax'ildan that could be transformed into a snake. Because Vax already owned the belt by the start of the Critical Role stream, it would have been acquired under Pathfinder rules and may therefore correspond to the Pathfinder Serpent Belt.[presumed]


Vax was fond of the belt and named its snake form Simon, after the young boy Simon Brist.[1] The belt was first mentioned as early as Chapter 1, when Vax used it as part of a surprise attack on a pair of ogres.​​​​​[2]

In "The Feast" (1x24), Vax used the belt to distract the guards outside the Briarwoods' guest room in Emon. As he was caught immediately afterward, he did not have a chance to pick it up again. Vax later asked the palace guards if they had found the belt, but as Vox Machina happened to be in hot water at the time, he did not have the best luck.[3][4]

In "Winter's Crest in Whitestone" (1x36), Vex'ahlia presented the belt to Vax as a gift, having made a secret trip to get it back from the guards.[5]

When the party were facing the prospect of a difficult fight against Thordak, Vax entrusted the belt to his protégé, Kynan Leore, for safekeeping.[6] Kynan kept the belt for over a year before Vax reclaimed it.[7] The belt was ultimately given to Vax's half-sister, Velora.[8]


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