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Sending Stones come in pairs that allow the user to cast the Sending spell to the holder of the corresponding stone.

Sending stones-5e

A pair of sending stones, from the Dungeon Masters Guide.[art 2]


The stones are smooth and sometimes carved so as to be recognizable as one of a pair.[1] The stone found in the Sutan residence was described as being a single polished palm-sized river stone.[6] Yussa Errenis's stone was also a smooth polished river stone but light blue in color.[7]

The stones bought by Bells Hells were originally described as reddish maroon, a little larger than a gold coin, with some insignia carved on them,[8] although Orym later described his stone as blue.[9]


Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

Lord Diedric Sutan had a sending stone which was stolen by Caleb Widogast during the party's break-in of the Sutan residence.[10] The holder of the corresponding stone was Ionos Jagentoth.[11]

Yussa Errenis and Allura Vysoren held corresponding stones. Yussa had instructed Wensforth to use it to contact help in the event of an emergency, and he did so when Yussa disappeared into the Happy Fun Ball.[12]

Essek Thelyss gave a sending stone to Dagen Underthorn so that he could contact the party in the event that the Tombtakers arrived while the party explored the ruins of Aeor.[13]

Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep[]

In Ank'Harel, both the Allegiance of Allsight and the Cobalt Soul use sending stones to communicate with their operatives across the city. Within the Allegiance, Headmaster James Cryon and Professor Insight Acuere share a pair of sending stones, though both are in the city's Sigil District.[5] The Cobalt Soul's Iwo Zalarre and Question share a pair of sending stones,[4] and Iwo will share another pair with a recruited party of adventurers.[14] New members of the Cobalt Soul can purchase a pair of sending stones from the organization for 250gp.[2]

Campaign Three: Bells Hells[]

The party that would later be called Bells Hells purchased a pair of sending stones from Advik, a merchant in the Elder's Post in Jrusar. The stones were distributed to Orym and Ashton Greymoore.[15] Dorian Storm later gave Ashton's stone to his brother Cyrus Wyvernwind,[16] and Orym gave his stone to Dorian.[17] Finally, the stone held by Cyrus was transferred back to Orym before the departure of the Wyvernwind brothers.[18]

Orym subsequently used his sending stone to contact Dorian several times after the latter returned to Tal'Dorei during the leadup to the apogee solstice.[19] Although Orym got a second sending stone to contact Caleb Widogast,[20] the apogee solstice of 843 PD made that type of communication nigh impossible, although the halfling did attempt to use the two stones several times during the following weeks to no avail. However, after Bells Hells started their mission on Ruidus and briefly returned to their planet through a secret portal they found, Orym managed to contact Caleb with the associated stone, revealing Sending spells were currently working again;[21] however, when he tried to talk to Dorian, the bard didn't answer, even though the stone worked.[22] After the adventurers returned to Ruidus Orym tried to contact Caleb once more, but the stone got the same interference that had been heard for weeks each time he tried to use it.[23]

Following Fresh Cut Grass' death and Bells Hells' return on Exandria from their scouting mission on the moon, Orym reached out to Dorian telling him he was having a difficult time and asking him to meet him in Marquet.[24] During the night, Orym used the stone again to warn Dorian that he and Fearne Calloway are 10 minutes outside of the Exandrian Accord fortress and that they need all Bells Hells to come.[25]


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