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Sehanine, the Moonweaver, is a chaotic good deity of moonlight and the autumn season, as well as the patron of illusions and misdirection. Widely worshipped within halfling and elven culture, she is largely considered to be the deity of love and protector of the trysts of lovers. Those who work in secrecy and trickery often ask for her blessing. The moon Catha is widely associated with Sehanine, possibly as her creation.[4]

Fan art of the Moonweaver, by Elaine Ryan.[art 3]


She is most often depicted as a young girl with light blue skin and white hair. Her body and limbs create the edges of the shadows.[2]


"The Moonweaver sends her will as the goddess of moonlight and the autumn season, as well as the patron of illusions and misdirection."[2] Many consider the Moonweaver to be the goddess of love. It is very difficult to encounter lovers on a tryst, as the Moonweaver creates the shadows for these secret meetings to take place.[2] "Those who work in darkness and trickery often ask for her blessing."[2] There is no official holy day for the Moonweaver; however, her worship is greatest on "the night of the decade’s largest full moon."[2] Elven astronomers record the moon’s cycles and how during these cycles the moon gets closer and further away from Exandria, and they can forecast these days with considerable precision.[2] Many haughty elves use this celebration as a pardon to be mischievous; some youthful elves use outfits and illusions to play tricks on their peers.[2]

The Moonweaver’s Ribbons

Yearly, many travelers from all over Tal'Dorei journey past the Cliffkeep Mountains to witness the Moonweaver’s Ribbons bend around the Elvenpeaks, pulled through the sky by mysterious figures on wyvernback.[5] Special athletes called skyswimmers practice every day for the yearly coming of the Moonweaver’s Ribbons.[5]

"Great streaks of multicolored light that illuminate the northern sky on the winter solstice. The skyswimmers and their wyvern mounts seize the strands of light on their spears and paint radiant, esoteric portraits in the wintry sky, drawing intrepid outsiders from across Tal’Dorei to camp on remote mountains and marvel at their visual poetry."[5]

Greater than the ceremony's creative achievement, it is also a ceremony to the deity known as the Moonweaver. She is the primary deity of the elves of Lyrengorn.[5] "The high priestesses of the moon" claim this yearly ceremony cleanses the land of Lyrengorn, and increases the wild elves' lifespan.[5]

Commandments of the Moonweaver

Commandments of the Moonweaver

  • Seize your own destiny by pursuing your passions.

  • Let the shadows protect you from the burning light of fanatical good and the absolute darkness of evil.

  • Walk unbridled and untethered, finding and forging new memories and experiences.


Sehanine is widely worshiped in Lyrengorn[6] and in the Verdant Expanse.[7] She has a smaller but nontrivial following on the Bladeshimmer Shoreline,[8] the Rifenmist Peninsula,[9] and in the Stormcrest Mountains.[10]

Worship of the Moonweaver is prohibited in the Dwendalian Empire, but the elves of Bysaes Tyl hold a secret festival in the Pearlbow Wilderness on the night of the decade's largest full moon,[3] and there are shrines to Sehanine hidden in plain sight in the city.[11]

Known worshipers


Sehanine is among the Prime Deities who fought the Primordials and the Betrayer Gods to protect the mortal races during the Founding.

The Calamity

Torog and his followers tunneled beneath a woodland in the Cyrios Mountains that was home to reclusive elves who worshiped Sehanine, sinking the plateau into a valley. Torog's servants sapped the life and color from the trees at their roots, creating the Pallid Grove. The surviving elves retreated beneath the Pallid Grove and lived in fear of the Crawling King and hid underground from the destruction of the Calamity. Over time, the Moonweaver's blessings mingled with the elves' natural adaption to the Pallid Grove, eventually forming a new subrace of elves known as the pallid elves.[12]

Moradin and Sehanine built the King's Cage as a trap for Torog. It appeared to be a temple to Torog, but it was a fane that, once Torog had bound himself to it, was instrumental in banishing the Betrayer God.[13]

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein

"Fleeting Memories" (2x14)

While Molly was influenced by Zone of Truth, he revealed himself to be a follower of the Moonweaver.[14]

"Traveler Con" (2x108)

Fan art of the Moonweaver's planetar, by Callum Lyall.[art 4]

At the culmination of TravelerCon, The Traveler disguised himself in sky-blue skin, white hair, and a feminine form. He told the crowd that the Traveler was but one aspect of Sehanine, a new avatar who had guided them to her. At that moment, the clouds parted revealing a full white moon, and the moonbeams turned into white chains that wrapped around the Traveler, pulling him skyward. A white-winged blue-skinned angelic figure holding a sword and whip descended, saying that the Traveler spoke in absolute falsehoods and did not represent the Moonweaver or any of her divine children, and began dragging him away in chains to be brought back to the Feywild for further judgement on his blasphemy.[15]

Jester interceded, sobbing, holding Artagan as he was pulled upward. The planetar asked why she wept for him, and Jester responded that she loved him. Artagan forced both her and Fjord (who was holding Jester) free. As he was pulled higher and higher, a different voice emerged from the planetar, implied to be Sehanine herself, which then asked the Traveler if he had learned his lesson. He nodded. The chains broke apart, freeing Artagan, and the different voice from the planetar told the gathered people that if they wanted to find a new god, She would be happy to take them in.


  • Sehanine is frequently found wandering the Feywild.



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