Sehanine, the Moonweaver, is a chaotic good deity of moonlight and the autumn season, as well as the patron of illusions and misdirection. Widely worshipped within halfling and elven culture, she is largely considered to be the deity of love and protector of the trysts of lovers. Those who work in secrecy and trickery often ask for her blessing.

Appearance Edit

She is most often depicted as a young girl with light blue skin and white hair. Her body and limbs create the edges of the shadows.[2]


"The Moonweaver sends her will as the goddess of moonlight and the autumn season, as well as the patron of illusions and misdirection."[2] Many consider the Moonweaver to be the goddess of love. She has many followers in elven and halfling society. It is very difficult to encounter lovers on a tryst, as the Moonweaver creates the shadows for these secret meetings to take place.[2] "Those who work in darkness and trickery often ask for her blessing."[2] There is no official holy day for the Moonweaver; however, her worship is greatest on "the night of the decade’s largest full moon."[2] Elven astronomers record the moon’s cycles and how during these cycles the moon gets closer and further away from Exandria, and they can forecast these days with considerable precision.[2] Many haughty elves use this celebration as a pardon to be mischievous; some youthful elves use outfits and illusions to play tricks on their peers.[2]

The Moonweaver’s RibbonsEdit

Yearly, many travellers from all over Tal’Dorei journey past the Cliffkeep Mountains to witness the Moonweaver’s Ribbons bend around the Elvenpeaks, pulled through the sky by mysterious figures on wyvernback.[4] Special athletes called skyswimmers practice every day for the yearly coming of the Moonweaver’s Ribbons.[4]

"Great streaks of multicolored light that illuminate the northern sky on the winter solstice. The skyswimmers and their wyvern mounts seize the strands of light on their spears and paint radiant, esoteric portraits in the wintry sky, drawing intrepid outsiders from across Tal’Dorei to camp on remote mountains and marvel at their visual poetry." [4]

Greater than the ceremony’s creative achievement, it is also a ceremony to the deity known as the Moonweaver. She is the primary deity of the elves of Lyrengorn.[4] "The high priestesses of the moon" claim this yearly ceremony cleanses the land of Lyrengorn, and increases the wild elves life span.[4]

Additional InformationEdit

The Moonweaver is not an approved deity in the Dwendalian Empire.

Commandments of the MoonweaverEdit

Commandments of the Moonweaver

  • Seize your own destiny by pursuing your passions.

  • Let the shadows protect you from the burning light of fanatical good and the absolute darkness of evil.

  • Walk unbridled and untethered, finding and forging new memories and experiences.


Majority: Lyrengorn,[4] [5] The Verdant Expanse.[6] Minority:The Bladeshimmer Shoreline,[7] The Rifenmist Peninsula,[8] The Stormcrest Mountains.[9]

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