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A Scrying Eye is an item that allows a person to cast the Scrying spell once per day without expending a spell slot.


The scrying eye is a glass sphere roughly the size of a fist, and it is filled with a cloudy liquid that swirls when the orb is shaken.[1] It can only be used to cast Scrying once per day, and then cannot be used again until the next dawn.[2] The base DC of the spell using the orb is 15.[3]


Acquisition by Vox Machina[]

A Clasp assassin from Stilben who possessed a scrying eye was hired by Hotis as part of Hotis's intended revenge on Vax'ildan. During the attack on Vox Machina, they were shoved out of a window by Keyleth's Thunderwave spell and tried to flee into the woods, but Galdric tracked them down and killed them.[4] On their body Vox Machina found a glass sphere filled with cloudy liquid, later identified by Allura as a scrying eye.[5]


Keyleth first used the scrying eye to attempt to locate Tiberius. The scry did not find its target.[6] She next used it to scry on Anna Ripley after the party learned that Ripley had been spying on them via Percy's gun, and was able to determine that Ripley was at sea.[7]

After defeating Thordak, Keyleth used the scrying eye to locate Raishan and was able to discover Raishan was in an island laboratory, which eventually led the party to the Island of Viscan.[8] After Scanlan was killed in the battle with Raishan, Keyleth used the scrying eye to locate his daughter Kaylie so that she could be brought to participate in the resurrection ritual.[9]

The morning after Scanlan left the party, Keyleth scried on him and found he was, as he had said, walking south out of Whitestone with Kaylie. She remarked that he seemed happy and it was not worth trying to talk him out of his decision.[10] She considered using it again shortly after, but Grog insisted they give Scanlan some time instead.[11] Later, Percy borrowed and used the scrying eye in his own attempt to locate Scanlan, after telling Keyleth he was going to use it to see how Tary's date with Trisha was going. He was able to locate Scanlan, who was, along with Kaylie, entertaining some farmers in Turst Fields.[12]

As the party prepared to face Vecna, Vex'ahlia used the scrying eye to locate the Sword of Kas.[13] Following the defeat of Vecna, when the party was searching for Grog in Pandemonium, Keyleth used the scrying eye to locate Grog's soul gem.[14]

Other targets (both scried upon by Keyleth) were:


Scrying Eye closely resembles the Crystal Ball described in the "Dungeon Master's Guide". Their only known distinctions are: absent/present attunement, DC saving throw of 15/17, and 1 per day/limitless number of uses.[17]


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