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The Scions of Flame are a tribe of black-scaled lizardfolk within the Ashen Gorge.[1]


When the ancient red dragon Thordak came to Tal'Dorei from the Island of Viscan, he made his lair in the Ashen Gorge and subjugated the lizardfolk that lived there, who came to worship him as though he were a god. Around the year 794 PD, a group of adventurers under Allura Vysoren led an army of mercenaries to the Gorge in an attempt to defeat Thordak. There they did battle with the Scions of Flame, and were repelled from the Gorge and unable to kill Thordak.[2]

Thordak was later sealed in the Fire Plane by these same group of adventurers.[3] When Thordak returned and attacked Emon on 26 Duscar, 810 PD, the Scions of Flame followed and moved into the city. There, on the backs of wyverns, they patrolled and looted the city, bringing treasures to Thordak's roost in the Cloudtop District.[4]

After Thordak's defeat at the hands of Vox Machina during the Siege of Emon, the Scions of Flame were repelled from the city.


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