Wildemount, Version 20,7 (SW)

Map of Wildemount with the Savalirwood in purple and rimmed in red

The Savalirwood is a cursed forest in the Greying Wildlands,[2] historically known as the "Veluthil Forest"[3]. The once-green vegetation is now a greyish purple ashen color.[2] The source of its life and its color is very unnatural.[4]


The south Savalirwood is almost beautiful, but it has a decaying sense to its meeting of grey and purple.[5] It seems deprived of life but not of wildlife, with some of which it has a symbiotic relationship.[6] It is dangerous, and the deeper in, the more dangerous it gets.[7] When Caduceus sees his Light spell's brightness gradually diminished in the King's Cage, he recalls that a similar phenomenon happens in the depths of the Savalirwood.[8]


The Savalirwood was historically known as Veluthil before the corruption of Molaesmyr and the rest of the forest.[3] It has been cursed for many centuries.[2] The superstition and mythology around it has allowed the city of Shadycreek Run to prevent the Dwendalian Empire's encroachment by using it as a defensive position against incursions. Eventually the Empire just gave up, and let the region stay independent.[9]

The skull of Jourrael was entrusted to the elves of Veluthil.[10]

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