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Map of Wildemount with the Savalirwood in purple and rimmed in red

The Savalirwood is a cursed forest in the Greying Wildlands,[2] historically known as the "Veluthil Forest"[3]. The once-green vegetation is now a greyish purple ashen color.[4] The source of its life and its color is very unnatural.[5]


The south Savalirwood is almost beautiful, but it has a decaying sense to its meeting of grey and purple.[6] It seems deprived of life but not of wildlife, with some of which it has a symbiotic relationship.[7] It is dangerous, and the deeper in, the more dangerous it gets.[8] When Caduceus sees his Light spell's brightness gradually diminished in the King's Cage, he recalls that a similar phenomenon happens in the depths of the Savalirwood.[9]


The Savalirwood was historically known as Veluthil before the corruption of Molaesmyr and the rest of the forest.[10] It has been cursed for many centuries.[11] While they were exploring the ruins of Aeor, the Mighty Nein noticed that the corruption of trees in the aboretum found there was very similar to that of the Savalirwood, although Caduceus was reluctant to investigate further[12] and doesn't believe the two are related.[13]

The superstition and mythology around it has allowed the city of Shadycreek Run to prevent the Dwendalian Empire's encroachment by using it as a defensive position against incursions. Eventually the Empire just gave up, and let the region stay independent.[14]

The skull of Jourrael was entrusted to the elves of Veluthil.[15]

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  • In the Forgotten Realms (not canon to Critical Role), the word "savalir" in Elvish means "murderer".[19].


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