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Wildemount, Version 20,7 (SW)

Map of Wildemount with the Savalirwood in purple and rimmed in red

The Savalirwood (from the Elvish savalir, which means "guilt"), is a cursed woodland in the Greying Wildlands,[8] historically known as the Veluthil Forest.[9]


The Savalirwood is a cursed forest in the Greying Wildlands. Formerly green, the vegetation the Mighty Nein saw within is an ashen grayish-purple color that gives off a sense of decay, and the source of its life and color is unnatural. Though the forest appears to be dead, it is still living and "brims with health" in a off-putting manner,[10][11] with the wood of the trees moving and shifting slightly even after being cut, if only for a short time.[12] The ground seems dead, but there is wildlife, which seems to be in a symbiotic relationship with the forest.[13] The Savalirwood is dangerous, increasingly so as one travels deeper into it.[14]

Members of Bells Hells, entering the forest from the north instead of the south, saw a variety of trees with bark and leaves in other dark colors—brown, red, and blue—in addition to deep purple and gray ones, and the leaves had jagged edges; the dense stands of trees and their low-hanging branches and roots were knotted and tangled, jutting like brambles. The forest was enveloped in thick fog even at midday.[15] Mostly in central areas of the forest, there are cracks that emanate a strange dark miasma of black, purple, and red hues, like a smoke that could be connected to the corruption of the woods. Those who are affected by it become suddenly exhausted, their health diminished as if they were affected by a curse.[16]

When Caduceus sees his Light spell's brightness gradually diminished in the King's Cage, he recalled that a similar phenomenon happens in the depths of the Savalirwood.[17]

Traveling through the forest during daytime on the Boreal Omen River, the forest was oddly silent: it lacked birdcalls and the sounds of woodland critters.[18] The sounds of the forest came alive at night.[19]


Previously known as the Veluthil Forest, the forest came to be known as the Savalirwood after the corruption of Molaesmyr and the rest of the forest[20] in 585 PD, becoming cursed for many centuries.[21] The city had been built within the forest on "a powerful natural magic font, a deep-set well of power" which its inhabitants did not entirely understand. At the time of the disaster, explorations beneath the city were uncovering an increasingly deep series of caverns from which the power seemed to originate,[22] a crystal well of chaotic and expanding magical potential, and while some saw it as a divine blessing of the Arch Heart, others thought it might have been an arcane creation that fell from a pre-Calamity floating city.[23]

The superstition and mythology around the Savalirwood have allowed the city of Shadycreek Run to prevent the Dwendalian Empire's encroachment by using the forest as a defensive position against incursions. Eventually the Empire just gave up, and let the region stay independent.[24]

The skull of Jourrael was entrusted to the elves of Veluthil.[25]

While they were exploring the ruins of Aeor, the Mighty Nein noticed that the corruption of trees in the aboretum found there was very similar to that of the Savalirwood, although Caduceus was reluctant to investigate further.[26] Though Caduceus did not feel the two were related,[27] Matthew Mercer stated in "Critical Role Campaign 2 Wrap Up" (Sx56) that relics of an Aeorian experiment were brought to Molaesmyr, where it was accidentally detonated and corrupted the wood. Sentinel and druid refugees from Molaesmyr, now living in Bysaes Tyl, cut back the forest to prevent the corruption from spreading. Though they are researching a means to return the forest to its former state, progress has not been made because of a combination of lack of funding and interest in the Empire.[28] The forest is full of ghosts of explorers who died within its territory, and now have become corrupted and unable to move to the afterlife;[29] at night pale blue motes could be seen floating through the forest.[30]

Immediately after the apogee solstice of 843 PD, the members of Bells Hells who were transported to Wildemount traveled through the Savalirwood to the ruins of Molaesmyr, via the Boreal Omen River.[31] They saw pixies irritating a bog wretch, a creature with many long tendrils and covered in moss and vines.[32]

Points of interest[]


  • "Savalir" is the Elvish word for "guilt" and was likely derived from the name of the city of Avalir due to its impact in the coming of the Calamity.[36]
  • Somewhere within the forest or the ruins of Molaesmyr lives the Wolf-King, feared by common beasts.[37]
  • Some monsters affected by the corruption of the forest are able to produce the same type of miasma by themselves.[38]
  • At some point before 585 PD Ludinus Da'leth marked three miniature fey fanes within the Veluthil Forest connected to fey bound to nature (perhaps dryads) in order to "feed the root" and empower a special harness with the magic of the area.[39]


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